The NFL regular season is kicking off on September 10th 2015 and that means our favorite thing – Fantasy Football – will finally come to life once again. Each and every football season is different than the previous one with the so-called “sleepers” who can make or break your entire season if you stick to them long enough. Sleepers can be great picks when you know no one will think about picking them in the first place due to age, terrible last season performances and being overshadowed by younger teammates.

Here are my top 3 NFL players that have largely been forgotten by most fantasy owners and could give you the edge over your opponents in fantasy in 2015:

Anquan Boldin, WR, San Francisco 49ers

Surprised? Many fantasy team owners believe drafting a young, tall wide receiver is the way to go by getting those points from vertical routes and leaping end-zone plays. However, after one long-bomb the defense will be ready for another deep threat and will play off the receivers negating their speed or simply move the safety to help out. I believe in being productive each and every week and consistency in short and medium yardage plays is Anquan Boldin’s specialty. In 2014 he caught only 5 touchdowns but he managed over 1000 receiving yards and caught the ball 83 times. Those are really good numbers for a wide receiver who turned 35 this year. He is definitely not a #1 WR, but his consistency is what makes him a great addition for your fantasy team. If your league is running the PPR system, Anquan Boldin is a no-brainer.

Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco 49ers

Yes, he and Anquan Boldin are on the same team which means they share the same BYE week, but after all we are considering sleepers here. Davis can be a good choice for fantasy team owners who prefer not to take huge risks and let the picks be somewhat productive in the process. He wasn’t piling on stats last year, but he definitely has the body and the necessary skills to excel at the TE position and with new OC Geep Chryst in Fog City he could be a frequent target for Colin Kaepernick.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Minnesota Vikings

Not a big surprise, but come draft day people may forget the favorable situation Teddy is in. Adrian Peterson’s nickname “All Day” is self-explanatory for the opposing defenses; they will constantly watch him on both run and pass plays leaving speedster Mike Wallace, the explosive Cordarrelle Patterson, dependable Kyle Rudolph and a breakout candidate Charles Johnson as viable options for Teddy Bridgewater to win ball games and score a lot of points for your team. In terms of other sleepers people prefer going with Derek Carr from the Oakland Raiders, but I think “The Peterson Effect” is more appealing to me. He is a strong and reliable #2 QB for your team for the entire season.

This list is subjective, but I believe these are the choices I will make when the time comes to pick my #2 candidates for each position. Consistent point production is the most important factor in Fantasy Football and I had brought you 3 players who should accomplish this particular task. Let’s not forget about the players who are not 23 or 24 anymore and who had ruined our fantasy hopes of getting into the playoffs, let alone winning it all. Every season is a new journey; new possibilities, opportunities to redeem a player’s name. Players and coaches are working hard at their craft trying to get to the Super Bowl and bringing happiness and joy to us – the fans. Let’s give them credit for what they are doing and let’s make sure we update our depth chart before Sunday.

About The Author Pawel Nitta