It’s never easy to win in fantasy football. People say it is when they’re actually winning, but you need a lot of things to break your way.

You also need to be quite diligent. It starts with making the right picks in your league’s fantasy football draft, but it can’t stop there.

That being said, your preparation and research over the summer certainly isn’t a waste of time. That’s especially true when you aren’t handed a freebie at the top of your draft. In 12+ team leagues when you’re picking near the end of the line, it can get pretty tough.

My fantasy mock drafts aren’t always perfect, but the point here is to use the FantasyPros’ Draft Simulator to show you how easy it is to mock from your exact spot and how you can build a winner no matter where you start from.

Here’s my team out of the 12th spot in a 12-team standard league mock draft with a basic roster of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FEX, 1K, 1DEF and 6 BENCH:

For a full look at the team I drafted and analysis from the Draft Wizard, click “more details” at the top right.

Your personal preference can change by position and round, but I went for value in some spots and upside in others. The only thing I would have done differently is try to add a third top shelf running back, but doing so out of the 12th spot was probably going to be difficult no matter how I drafted.

I still got two quality running backs, a stud WR1, a potential stud TE1 and a stud QB1. Obviously Tom Brady is aging and could hit a wall. I doubt it happens in 2018, but if it does I feel Matt Ryan provides elite insurance as a solid bounce-back candidate.

The Draft Simulator is a great tool for preparation and you can also sync it to your actual draft and use it as you go this summer.

It’s historically been pretty accurate and for this mock it gives me a B+ grade with the second best starting group. It also projects this team to make the playoffs, which is all you can ask for when drafting in the summer.

This isn’t to show you a perfect team out of the 12th spot, but a well balanced one that should be competitive. The rest of the big moves – trades, waiver wire acquisitions, start/sit decision – that can dictate how your season unfolds are up to you.

I wish you luck on your 2018 plight for a fantasy football title and hope this look at a 12-man mock out of the 12th spot was helpful. Be on the lookout for more mocks in a variety of positions and if you ever have special requests or questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments or on Twitter @BreakingKevin. Happy drafting!

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