After weeks, or possibly months, of research, you’ve successfully built the best team on paper. Then within the blink of an eye, your team could be riddled with injuries. Like if you had David Johnson, Allen Robinson or Kevin White, or possibly all three of them. Or maybe your team was full of upside players who drastically underperformed in week one like Russell Wilson, Eric Decker or Zay Jones.

If the latter is the scenario closest to your personal dilemma, remember not to panic but make moves based on your gut. Or maybe, you just think some guys are needed in your depth and here you are targeting who the top adds of the week are. I’ll list my top 5 adds and my top two drops for the week.

Week 1 Adds

Add #1 – Kerwynn Williams – RB – ARI: The devastating loss of David Johnson may be the biggest early-season loss we’ve seen in awhile. By far the #1 ranked player in fantasy football and a player whos team ran almost 60% of their plays through, is now out for at least 2 months. But that doesn’t mean the Cardinals will scrap the run and rely solely on the aging arm of Carson Palmer. Bruce Arians will still incorporate the run often and it looks as if Williams will be the next man up. A certain downgrade from Johnson, but volume is a running back’s best friend and Williams is sure to get a lot of touches moving forward.

Add #2 – Kenny Golladay – WR – DET: Golladay had a lot of hype through all of spring. He exploded onto the little scene, preseason. Which many should have took note, but few did. By week 4 of the preseason he was back to being a non-drafted player. Then week one of the regular season, eyes have been opened, yet again. Catching two touchdowns in his first actual game, one of which was in spectacular fashion. Golladay saw seven targets, hauled in four of them and had looks in the red zone. He solidified himself as the number three guy on a team that will not hesitate to throw the ball.

Add #3 – Nelson Agholor – WR – PHI: A former first round pick, who has garnered a ton of attention two straight years now finds himself in that beloved third year and proved his worth in the first game. After a season full of drops, frustration and disappointment, the world was ready to give up on Agholor, but not the Eagles. Trading away Jordan Matthews, weeks before the season, they had something up their sleeve. The something, was the emergence of Agholor. Hauling in six of his targets for 86 yards and a score. I’m calling Agholor to be the most improved third year receiver, just after one game.

Add #4 – Tarik Cohen – RB – CHI: The young, small, Darren Sproles-esque, Tarik Cohen flashed onto the scene in the preseason with his quick moves and amazing burst. He didn’t stop there, as the first game was just another chance for a select few to see his amazing talents. The Bears almost knocked off the reigning NFC champions and it had a lot to do with the uncanny speed and receiving ability Cohen showed. Totaling over 100 yards combined on the ground and through the air with one score, he will most likely be the first guy added in every league. But, I’m not sold on him for the year and expect the snap count to level back off, into Jordan Howard’s favor. Expect Cohen to be a matchup guy who will leave you with a headache trying to predict his stats game-by-game.

Add #5 – Paul Richardson – WR – SEA: The last of my adds came down to five players. Cooper Kupp, who has potential to be great and could catch a lot of balls, but let me see Los Angeles against a defense that isn’t a high school defense. Marqise Lee or Allen Hurns, with the loss of Allen Robinson for the year these guys move upward in my rankings, but I’m still uncertain about Bortles ability to be productive. Jarvious Allen, the running back will most likely fill Woodhead’s spot and saw more snaps than West in week one. Finally, Paul Richardson.

I chose Richardson due to the level that Seattle should be playing at all year. Yes, their offensive line was terrible week one and that won’t allow Wilson a lot of time to throw. But, Richardson is a playmaker who has a god-given talent of catching balls no one else could. His size is perfect and speed is on par. He sits opposite of Doug Baldwin, who’ll receive a lot of attention. Richardson should consistently see 6-9 targets per game.

Week 1 Drops

Drop #1 – Eddie Lacy – SEA: Drops are hard to do right now, because week one is such a small sample size. But, there a few players every year that were on the bubble heading into the season and after just 60 minutes of football you can tell will be a non-factor all season. Eddie Lacy is my prime example. Lacy looked decent early in preseason but fell off to end. Then, week one against your former team I’m expecting Lacy to go off. Lacy did go off, right off the field and onto the bench. He under performed and will continue to do so all season if the Seahawks don’t just cut ties when Rawls is healthy. If you have Lacy on your team, like I for some reason do, then just cut your ties now and try to grab one of the top five players, addressed in this article.

Drop #2 – Allen Robinson – WR – JAX & Kevin White – WR – CHI: For the simplest of reasons, out for the season. If you’re in a redraft league don’t hold on to these guys in hopes of maybe a game in week 16. Neither will play, neither team will be competing enough to want to push their players back and neither of these two are good enough to impact a game after 14 weeks away. If you’re in a dynasty league, maybe Robinson is stashed on IR, but White is a lost cause. Get better players that are available.

About The Author Nick Faber

Nick is an avid fantasy footballer and avid sports follower from Detroit, Michigan. He hosts the Ten in the Head video podcast which can be found at