With Free Agency moves starting to die down, big names and quality talent are left on the market to sign. As of writing this, guys like: Peterson, Charles, Blount, among many others have yet to find a new home. Here are some of these players, and some possible landing spots.

QB Jay Cutler: Cutler has always been a mediocre QB. He has had some flashes of brilliance, but they are few and far between. Given that the Jets already made their QB moves, it is unlikely he ends up there. He will probably have to settle for a backup position if he signs with another team. Possibly someone like the Saints or Chargers might make a move for him, since their QBs are aging. Just to be safe.

QB Colin Kaepernick: Colin is a decent QB. But he struggles too much for any team to be confident in him. I don’t know where he could end up honestly. He is young and has some upside, and of the remaining QBs left in FA, he is probably your best option for one reason: his legs. He is a great scramble QB, and could benefit in a scheme that works with him. Just not sure where that would be.

RB LeGarrette Blount: Blount was one of the top RBs last season. The thing is, he hasn’t been consistent enough. I would be surprised if the Pats didn’t resign him, just to keep power in the backfield. If not, then expect him to be signed by someone like the Texans or Browns. Let’s not forget, he led the league in rushing TDs last season with 18 scores on the ground.

RB Jamaal Charles: Charles has always been a stud as well. However, he is injury prone, which is why some teams might stay away. Past his prime, there may not be much left for Charles, so if he wants to keep playing, he might just have to take what he gets. He could be signed to Oakland as well, but the Eagles are a possibility, too. The Eagles are rebuilding, and bringing in a veteran presence can be beneficial. Unless the Eagles draft an RB, it is possible Charles moves there. Plus, he has that background playing under Doug Pederson in Kansas City.

RB Adrian Peterson: Peterson still has some years left in him, and the fact that he hasn’t been signed yet is still surprising. Although, his high contract demands have something to do with that. He has always been top caliber when he plays. Obviously Seattle and Minnesota are out, as Seattle just signed Lacy, and Minnesota signed Murray. So, that leaves a team like Oakland. Oakland has always been a smash mouth team, and signing AP would be a big bonus. Having a veteran presence in the offense will help this already great offense get even better. AP doesn’t have many options outside of that. Maybe Houston, possibly SF, but Oakland seems like the best place.

DE Dwight Freeney: Freeney probably has another season left. Wherever he signs will be beneficial for that team’s defense as he can still provide a splash and veteran presence. He was looking at the Bengals last season. Maybe he should revisit that option? Maybe go back to the Colts and finish his career where he started? For someone in the twilight of his career, he should have many options available to him.

DL Johnathan Hankins: While Hankins isn’t the pass rushing 3-tech the league covets, he has shown flashes in that department. But where Hankins true ability lies is his ability to stop the run. If he goes unsigned before the draft, a team like Philly could keep Hankins in-division as they try to ease the blow left by Bennie Logan as he signed with Kansas City. Hankins is still fairly young and possesses upside.

LB Zach Brown: Clearly the best linebacker on the market, Brown is coming off a breakout season but still remains unsigned for some reason. Brown can move around with good athleticism and makes an impact against both the run and back in coverage. Recently, he has had visits with the Miami Dolphins and even his former Buffalo Bills team. He has also been targeted by the Oakland Raiders who are making a late push.

S T.J. McDonald: For teams eager for that tone-setting presence in the backend, T.J. McDonald is a more than viable option. While he’ll give up a big play on occasion, he’ll make up for it with his hard hitting ability. A team like the Cleveland Browns who missed out on Tony Jefferson are a strong candidate to land McDonald.

About The Author Patrick Cheesman

Patrick is a lifelong football fan. Born in the Cincinnati area, he loves the Bengals, but his absolute favorite team is the Packers. Patrick represents Breaking Football as a news and info correspondent.