When you think of LSU wideouts to come out in recent years, guys like Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry immediately come to mind. Due to the abysmal passing offense we’ve seen during the past couple seasons down in Baton Rouge, we haven’t been able to see their receivers play to their full potential. The program does, however, have an intriguing wide receiver prospect in this year’s draft class, that being Travin Dural.

Dural has made some big plays during his college career at LSU. He has top-end speed, but his hands are a big question mark. Still, he remains an intriguing prospect and could potentially prove to be great value towards the end of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Name: Travin Dural
Position: WR
Size: 6’2”/209
School: LSU
Class: Senior (RS)
Comparison: Terrance Williams (Dallas Cowboys)
Draft Grade: 6th Round

Positives: Height is right where you like it. Has the arm length and hand size you look for. Has some good weight in his hips and backside. Body has filled out and gotten stronger each year after coming into the program at 180 pounds. A graceful deer in the open field and turns on the jets with legitimate deep speed to separate and finish. Quick off the line and tears up soft coverage. A legitimate leaper who squares to the ball and plucks it at the ceiling. Has good hand-eye coordination and comes down with passes many others don’t. Can one-hand it. Comfortable putting his body on the line and leaving his feet to get the ball. Works the white lines and has good sideline awareness. A competitive blocker who uses his athleticism, long arms and big hands to quickly square up his targets. Known to be liked by his teammates and accountable. Light-hearted personality. No off-field concerns.

Negatives: Height to weight ratio is below average. Naturally thin and not likely to get much bigger. High-cut with long legs. Lacks strength in his upper-body. Duck-footed. Body type doesn’t allow for him to drop his hips and change direction easily. A limited straight-line athlete. Not comfortable making catches in the middle of the field. Has very inconsistent hands. Plenty of drops and too many double-catches. Not a natural catcher. Lack of strength shows up after making the catch and goes down too easily. Doesn’t hold blocks long and doesn’t block with the intent to bury. Has two serious leg injuries on his resume and a body type that lends itself to injury and shorter careers. Long-term durability will be a question. Weight gain makes you wonder about his focus and commitment to the game. Over-aged.

Outlook: Travin Dural has had a long and strange trip in college but still offers some intrigue at the next level. Dural has an impressive combination of height, long speed and vertical ability. He spent much of his time in college blocking in the run-game and sharing targets in a woeful passing offense. Although intriguing, Dural has a lot of blemishes that are hard to ignore with his lack of bulk, leggy build, inconsistent hands, injury history and questionable off-field focus. Travin Dural’s value is in the sixth round.

About The Author Jesse Fritsch

Jesse Fritsch is a Wisconsin native who has spent 11 years independently evaluating NFL draft prospects and following the draft process. He happily spends most of his free time researching players and watching games in his man cave while occasionally coming up for air to share.