If you didn’t hear, there’s a wild beast on the loose in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That beast goes by the name of Tanoh Kpassagnon (pronounced “tawn-o pass-N-yo”).

The 5th year senior has NFL scouts drooling over his 6’6”-6’7” frame and ridiculous athleticism. He is what you would call, a “workout warrior” as he is a sure thing to blow up at the combine – he’ll be the most intriguing player to keep an eye on during the March training event. He’ll make himself a good deal of money that week, and he even has the potential to get a boost into Day 2 and perhaps even higher.

Kpassagnon has turned in his best season yet, recording double-digit sacks along with 21.5 tackles for loss. He will be an intriguing prospect in the eye of most, if not all NFL scouts. If his size doesn’t jump out at you, be sure to check out his highlight video below.

Name: Tanoh Kpassagnon
Position: DE
Size: 6’6”/274
School: Villanova
Class: Senior (RS)
Comparison: Greg Ellis
Draft Grade: 5th Round

Positives: Excellent height with extremely long arms and huge meat-hooks for hands. Very well-built with muscular arms. Solid bulk in his hips and backside. Came into the program at 220 pounds and has continued to add good weight year after year. Excellent get-off speed. Turns the corner quickly. Speed and long strides tear up yards in a flash. Can lean low around the loop and make himself hard to get a hold of. Has a huge disruption radius against the run, in passing lanes, and on teams. Motor runs hot and showed good consistent effort handling double-team after double-team. Introvert. Highly intelligent. Team captain.

Negatives: High-cut with long legs. Lean calves and thin ankles. Build makes it easy for his legs to get tangled and lose balance. Lower body movement can sometimes be scary to watch and long-term durability is a big question mark. Very raw. Learning the basics of how to win with his hands. Marginal competition.

Outlook: Tanoh Kpassagnon is one of the most intriguing and unknown athletes in this draft. Villanova showed patience and Kpassagnon showed dedication to the game leading to what we see today. Kpassagnon is extremely gifted but also extremely green and will take a lot of patience. Much like Greg Ellis he should make his living using his size, speed, and explosiveness on the edge but also offers the ability to move inside on passing downs. Much more needs to be seen of Kpassagnon before a final judgement is made but makes sense in the fifth round right now.

About The Author Jesse Fritsch

Jesse Fritsch is a Wisconsin native who has spent 11 years independently evaluating NFL draft prospects and following the draft process. He happily spends most of his free time researching players and watching games in his man cave while occasionally coming up for air to share.