When thinking of WR/TE tweeners, a guy like Devin Funchess may come to mind. Evan Engram is the next in that trend, but he may be in a class of his own.

In my short while of evaluating draft prospects, of course I’ve developed man crushes and favorites along the way in each draft class, it comes with the territory. However, I’ve never seen a draft crush quite like the one between our NFL Draft manager Jesse (his scouting report below) and Evan Engram.

Jesse has been evaluating Engram since his sophomore season and has nothing but praise for the potential 1st round pick. There’s no doubt that Engram is a special talent, but the lack of hype is appalling. Read below to see what makes Engram such a special prospect.

Name: Evan Engram
Position: WR/TE
Size: 6’3”/228
School: Ole Miss
Class: Senior
Comparison: Shannon Sharpe
Draft Grade: 1st Round

Positives: Excellent body proportion and height to weight ratio. Strong, muscled body. Solid arm length and big hands that swallow the football. Good speed for his size and can break off long runs. Cat-like quickness in small quarters. Contorts his body to avoid hits and can make himself an incredibly small target for defenders. Can drop his hips and explode out of his cuts. Elite flexibility for his size. A very smooth, graceful, and bouncy athlete. Effortlessly glides around the field. Explosive stop to start quickness. Huge catch radius. Comfortable extending east and west to snag passes most receivers can’t. Can sky up to high-point the ball at its ceiling. Exceptional ability to make circus catches. Outstanding hand-eye coordination. Great focus in contested situations and comes down with the ball. Rare ability to contort his body in the air and adjust to poorly-thrown passes. Has developed into a good route-runner. Excels in all levels of blocking. Feet are always moving and looks to bury defenders. Gets his big hands and long arms in the chest and holds his blocks. Builds a wide base and can be hard to move. Fundamental stalk blocker. Great timing and execution of cut-blocks. His athletic ability allows him to masterfully adjust to blockers while on the move and square them up. A great blocker in support of his teammates downfield. Embraces the dirty work that comes with his position and does what is asked of him. Soft-spoken. Hard-working. Reliable. Good football and personal character.

Negatives: Lacks track speed and will get caught from behind. Inconsistent hands and will let some leave his grasp. Has maxed out his frame and lacks the size to be a traditional line blocker.

Outlook: Evan Engram is one of the most special athletic talents in this draft and is one of the most unique players I’ve ever evaluated. Engram is one of the most fluid movers I’ve ever seen and has an intriguing blend of athleticism, ball skills, and competitiveness. There will be much debate about his role in the league but I have no doubt he will develop into a great weapon in the passing game and offer versatility to wear many hats within an offense much like Shannon Sharpe did. Engram’s value is in the first round.

About The Author Jesse Fritsch

Jesse Fritsch is a Wisconsin native who has spent 11 years independently evaluating NFL draft prospects and following the draft process. He happily spends most of his free time researching players and watching games in his man cave while occasionally coming up for air to share.