In what has shaped up to be one of the deepest RB classes in quite sometime with a lot of starpower at the top, that will force some quality talent to slide down the draft board a little bit. One of those guy who will slide will be Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara.

The redshirt junior never saw skyrocket production, but he flashed a lot as both a runner and receiver. In only 24 career games, Kamara reeled in 74 passes at the D-1 level and is one of the most underrated pass catching ball carriers in this year’s class. He’s a guy who can make the big play, and an NFL head coach will surely be able to find a role for him as a Day 3 pick.

Name: Alvin Kamara
Position: RB
Size: 5’10”/215
School: Tennessee
Class: Junior (RS)
Draft Grade: 4th Round

Positives: A proportioned body. Frame has filled out nicely over time. Should continue to develop and have an ideal height to weight ratio. Good bulk in his hips, backside, and calves. Solid arm length and hand size. Upper body strength has improved. Adequate speed. Can turn his hips and change direction seamlessly around the corner or in the open field. Can drop his hips and make quick directional changes. Can lean his hips low and make himself small when running inside. The type of loose, cat-like, and bouncy athlete that can do a somersault at the end of run. Shows good toughness running inside. Hard to tackle when he runs low and keeps his feet moving. Can string moves together and shows creativity. Has patience and will wait for things to develop. Generally decisive and knows where he wants to go. Will give up his body to make a play and will give you everything he has on every play. Good hands in the open field and was very reliable in the passing game. Works hard to find space in zones to be an option for his quarterback. Worked on his pass protection and is consistent. A well-respected team leader. A fun-loving, light-hearted personality. Learned from his mistakes, matured and completely turned himself around in junior college. Known as a worker in the weight room and a good teammate. Will play hurt. Very tough.

Negatives: Body still needs to keep developing. On the smaller side. Not a powerful runner. Lacks speed. Too easily gets tracked down in the open field and when he shows indecisiveness behind the line of scrimmage. When he runs around the tackle box to the outside he usually gets corralled to the sideline. Lacks a second gear. Runs hard but sometimes runs recklessly. Has never been in a position to carry the load. Known for being hurt and dealing with numerous injuries. Past off-field issues need to be investigated.

Outlook: Alvin Kamara is one of many interesting underclassmen in this draft class. Kamara is a loose athlete who runs low and is an asset in the passing game. Although he’s never carried the load he won’t be asked to do that at the next level and should carry a similar role as he did in college. A lack of speed, size, and potential durability concerns hurt his potential. Kamara’s value is at the top of the fourth round.

About The Author Jesse Fritsch

Jesse Fritsch is a Wisconsin native who has spent 11 years independently evaluating NFL draft prospects and following the draft process. He happily spends most of his free time researching players and watching games in his man cave while occasionally coming up for air to share.