With the draft just days away and rumors circulating I figured why not write up a quick mock for my favorite team. The Jaguars have many positions that need to be addressed in this draft such as the OL, TE, S, QB, and adding CB depth later in the draft.

1- Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
Rumors are rapidly circulating about the Jags picking a QB at 4. However, Coughlin has said multiple times that Bortles is their QB. That may be true, but who’s to say that they still won’t draft some insurance? If that’s the case, Mahomes would be the smartest choice because he would be able to develop while the coaching staff decides if Bortles is their starter or not. If they go the route of drafting Watson or Trubisky, they would most likely need to start week 1.

2- Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma 
If Mixon hadn’t hit a woman 3 years ago, he would be arguably be considered the most talented back in the class based on pure talent and durability. Mixon isn’t as scheme specific as a guy like Fournette, and he doesn’t require a very good OL due to his creative running style. A running back who doesn’t require a good OL is key for the Jaguars because they’re offensive line is subpar, and even if they draft rookies the rest of the way, who knows if they make an immediate impact.

3- Taylor Moton, OT/OG, Western Michigan
A big, bruising offensive lineman who could play either guard or tackle for the Jaguars would be huge in their attempt of improving the run game and giving Blake Bortles (or Mahomes) extra protection. Moton will most likely go in the 2nd round, but if he doesn’t, there is no reason the Jaguars shouldn’t take him if he slips to the 3rd.

4- George Kittle, TE, Iowa
Adding a TE who is good at both blocking and catching would be great for their QB, giving him more weapons to throw to. Kittle provides great hands dropping only 1 of 48 catches. After trading away Julius Thomas, they need more depth at this position.

5- Rayshawn Jenkins, SS, Miami
Drafting a true backup SS who could develop into a starter after Church’s contract runs out is necessary in this year’s draft. Jenkins is great against the run and has ballhawk tendencies when the ball is in the air, he sometimes struggles in coverage but that could be fixed with the proper coaching. One of the best tackling safeties in the class.

6- Ejuan Price, DE, Pittsburgh
Price is an athletic edge rusher who becomes a freak when a tackle or sack is within his vicinity. Price may be a little undersized, but he makes up for it with his effort and does a tremendous job of shedding blocks.

7- Aviante Collins, OT, TCU
A well rounded OT that can both run and pass block well. Collins is an athletic offensive lineman who ran a blazing 4.81 at the combine, which is crazy for a man who weighs nearly 300 pounds. With the addition of Collins and the earlier pick in Moton, Collins would most likely be pushed to OG where he arguably played better in 2015.

7- Treston Decoud, CB, Oregon State
The Jaguars have no depth at CB, especially when it comes to outside corners. Behind Ramsey and Bouye they have Colvin, who is great at nickel but struggles to play outside. Decoud is a big CB who would bring good depth to the team. Decoud is a ball hawking corner who struggles in press coverage, but good in man and zone coverage. A corner who can lay the wood.

About The Author Connor Neal

Connor Neal is a young but inspiring scout from the Pacific Northwest. He inspires to work for an NFL team as a scout, or as a sports analyst.