It’s one of the most exciting times of the year. NFL Free Agency and the Draft Combine. This free agency has a lot of big names in it, and with it many choices for where to go. Now, some players have already been resigned or franchise tagged (Cousins, Bell, Brown). Of course, the biggest name (kind of) is Tony Romo and where he will land. But, he isn’t the only one. There is also Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Colin Kaepernick, Dont’a Hightower, Kenny Britt, Kenny Stills, Latavius Murray, Demarcus Ware, Calaias Campbell, and many more. For the sake of my first article, I will focus on the big names and where I believe they will go.

Alshon Jeffery: Jeffery has been the Bears top receiver for not named Bennett for years. That’s not saying much though, as his QB is Jay Cutler, who is slightly above average on a good day. Not to mention, Jeffery is injury prone, as well as had that four game suspension last season. Most likely, he leaves Chicago. Even though he proclaimed that the Bears would win the Super Bowl next year, I still feel that he will leave for the warm pastures of the west coast.
Best bet: LA Rams
Reason: Rams need a top receiver. Tavon Austin is not that, and Kenny Britt might be on his way out. Spend the money, and give Goff a top guy.

Eddie Lacy: Eddie Lacy was a stud his rookie season. He did great a while after as well. Then, he gained some weight and underperformed. He bounced back last season, but injuries prevented him from being great again. With the emergence of Ty Montgomery in the RB position, not to mention some good draft options, I’d lean a little more toward Lacy leaving than sticking around. However, there are not many options out there for him to be signed with. And, as a die hard Packers fan, I want him to stay with the pack.
Best bet: Stays in GB

Adrian Peterson: Peterson has been the top RB since he entered the league. He doesn’t have much left in his career, and injuries have hampered his stock. But, having the best RB in the league today would be beneficial in more ways than one. He can easily help younger RBs get better. He obviously isn’t going back to Minnesota, so he has more options available to him. There are three options where AP will land that make sense: Denver, Houston, Giants. Each of these don’t really have a dominant RB, therefore, one of them will win the AP race.
Best bet: Houston Texans
Reason: They have shown they like to spend money on players. They have an excellent receiving core with Hopkins and Fuller leading the way. They have a decent defense. Getting the veteran AP can be very helpful.

Jamaal Charles: Charles is injury prone. That is his major flaw. Before all the injuries, he was a dominant RB. He was a top fantasy draft pick. Then all the injuries happened. Now, he is free to go wherever. Basically, all the things I said about AP apply here as well.
Best bet: Oakland Raiders
Reason: While probably not wanting to stick it to the Chiefs, Charles could thrive on an Oakland offense with Carr leading the way. Also, the young RBs in Oakland could benefit from his help.

Tony Romo: Romo is going to Denver. It makes sense. None of the QBs are ready to be leaders in Denver yet. He doesn’t have much playing time left, so playing in Denver will give him a great chance to thrive. Let’s move on.

Colin Kaepernick: Colin is tricky. He had a couple good years in San Fran, and then he fell apart. Personally, I don’t like him. The reason is because he and the Niners ALWAYS BEAT MY PACKERS IN THE PLAYOFFS! You can imagine my frustration. But, he can still be somewhat beneficial. I don’t see him as a starter anymore. He will be backup wherever he goes.
Best bet: Cleveland Browns
Reason: Come on, it’s Cleveland. Must I go into detail?

Kenny Britt: He is not a top receiver. He needs to leave the Rams. He will thrive in a new location. He has had some good games, but has never been a standout that screams “must have fantasy pick.” He doesn’t have good hands, but he has great speed. He is an interesting option.
Best bet: Washington Redskins
Reason: With Pierre Garcon on his way out, they need someone for Cousins to throw to. Why not Britt?

Stephon Gilmore: Gilmore is a top CB. He has major upside left, and can thrive anywhere. True, his 2016 season wasn’t good, but he is still a top guy. The Bills will not pay up though to keep him. So he will be leaving.
Best bet: Cincinnati Bengals
Reason: The Bengals need another strong position in the secondary. If Dre Kirkpatrick ends up leaving, that will leave much to be desired in the secondary. While the Bengals can still draft strong, having Gilmore locked up for the season will be extremely helpful.

Dont’a Hightower: Hightower is a top LB. He has thrived with the NE defense. Unless another team can offer him a lot of money, or can promise championships, the chances of him leaving the Patriots are unlikely.
Best bet: Stays in NE
Reason: You just won another Super Bowl. You are on the same team as the the greatest QB in the modern era, and maybe of all time, and are coached by the greatest coach of the modern era as well. Unless someone is willing to use a serious majority of their cap space to sign him, expect him to stay in NE.

Those are just some of the free agents available this year, and just some ideas of what I think will happen. Fingers crossed I get at least one of these right. Now, let’s kick back and see what happens.

About The Author Patrick Cheesman

Patrick is a lifelong football fan. Born in the Cincinnati area, he loves the Bengals, but his absolute favorite team is the Packers. Patrick represents Breaking Football as a news and info correspondent.