When it comes to drafting quarterbacks in fantasy football, there are countless strategies people will choose. Some individuals like the idea of grabbing the top quarterback as early as in round one. While others, like myself, would prefer to sit back and wait for a quarterback in the later rounds. This debate is most likely for the individuals who like drafting the higher-end quarterbacks in their drafts. With that being said, who should you take in your fantasy draft, Andrew Luck or Derek Carr?

Andrew Luck and Derek Carr are coming into the 2017 season recovering from injuries. Luck had shoulder surgery during the offseason to repair his right shoulder. Jim Irsay tweeted (as you can see above) that the injury has been lingering since 2015. Luck still has not begun to throw since the surgery, but is expected to be ready at the start of the season. We have seen Luck play through injuries and if his shoulder is 100% for the season, I would expect him to continue to rack up fantasy points.

On the other hand, Derek Carr is coming off of a fractured fibula that he suffered in week 16 against Andrew Luck’s Indianapolis Colts. The good news is that there was no ligament damage suffered during the injury, which means Derek Carr will be 100% ready to go for the season opener. Carr has already resumed football activities and said, “I feel great, I’ve been running, jumping, throwing, cutting, everything. I’m ready to rock. I’m ready to do absolutely everything. I did everything my teammates did today.“(Raiders.com). This is not only a great sign for “Raider Nation”, but also for your fantasy team.

To many people, Andrew Luck might seem like the obvious choice and rightfully so, he did finish 4th in points for fantasy quarterbacks last year. However, the Derek Carr hype train is at full steam since he signed his mega contract extension. This may cause Derek Carr to climb up the board for a lot of people. At their current ADP’s, Luck is projected to get drafted around 2 rounds higher than Carr. So, if the Derek Carr hype stays alive into draft season, do not be surprised to see him come off the board at around the same time as Luck. If Derek Carr’s ADP stays the same and you can grab him a round or two later, then that would be great value at the quarterback position while you draft receivers and running backs to fill your team in the earlier rounds.

In my opinion, Andrew Luck is one of the safer options at the quarterback position because he has been able to be consistently good while his supporting cast has been the exact opposite. If Luck stays healthy and the offense is better than last year, which I expect it to be, don’t be surprised if Andrew Luck finishes as a top 3 fantasy quarterback this season. Derek Carr has the great offensive line and wide receivers needed to be a stud fantasy option and I can see him taking a major leap this year and possibly contend for an MVP award. With that being said, I would not be shocked if Carr finishes in the top 5 for quarterbacks in fantasy and gives your fantasy team tremendous value at the position.

What will separate these two quarterbacks next season will be the strength of their own divisions. Andrew Luck plays in arguably the worst division in the NFL and Derek Carr plays in one of the most competitive divisions in football. Derek Carr has to play the great defenses of the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs twice a year and he has not performed very well against either in his career. Last year, Luck averaged 20 points per game against his division foes. Derek Carr averaged just 11 points per game against his division. If Carr can find some success against his division mates, then his overall fantasy numbers should rise.

The bottom line is if you want to draft a quarterback early and Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are off the board, your best bet is to select the safe option in Andrew Luck, who will be a top 5 fantasy QB in 2017. If you are like me and like to wait to draft a QB while you fill up your team with receivers and running backs, then there is value to be had if you are on the clock and Derek Carr is still available. Derek Carr has so much talent around him that he has a very high floor plus, the potential to breakout even more so than he did last year.

About The Author Matt Cardona

Matt is 21 years old and in his 3rd year of college as a history major. Residing in Southern California, Matt has been a huge fan of football for about 12 years now and has been playing fantasy football since he was 9 as he played all the way up until high school. He has become increasingly invested into the NFL Draft process over the past 3 years and loves to scout college players in his spare time. His ultimate goal is to make a name for himself while doing what he loves to do.