Even with the emergence of Kirk Cousins in the final stretch of this past season, a controversy lied under center for the Washington Redskins. Cousins is set to hit the free agent market with talks stalling between he and the team. Despite that, Redskins president Bruce Allen announced they would be moving on from RGIII after he sat the entire year as the team’s #3 QB. Allen stated, “”Well, no. I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team,” when asked if Griffin would play for the ‘Skins next season.

The Redskins gave an arm, a leg and more in the 2012 draft to trade up a few spots to the 2nd slot in the draft to snag RGIII. Griffin emerged as one of the best in the league that year as he was awarded Rookie of the Year over the likes of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson.

After winning Rookie of the Year honors, Griffin’s well-documented knee injuries set him back and hindered his progression which allowed Cousins to swoop in and steal the job.

After sitting out the whole 2015 season, who knows what RGIII will step back onto the field. Will we see him in Rookie of the Year form, or will he play like he did during the 2013 and 2014 seasons? Does RGII have anything left in the tank? Where does he land, assuming he is still set to hit the free agent market?

First things first, would I want RGIII on my team? Personally, I wouldn’t just because of the media baggage, and I don’t think the upside is as substantial as some make it out to be. Without a doubt he brings potential though, especially assuming he’s healthier than ever after sitting out an entire year. Is he worth the risk though? Let’s take a look at some potential landing spots for the 2012 Rookie of the Year award winner. Can he rejuvenate his career with a new scenery?

Cleveland Browns

We all know the Browns are in the market for a QB with the expiration of the Johnny Manziel experiment. Even if their plans are to draft a QB at #2, which many project, a little competition at the position never hurts – especially against a rookie who may not be ready to start from day one. Josh McCown is still in Cleveland, but I could see Hue Jackson take a liking to the idea of taking a chance on RGIII.

When it’s all said and done, I don’t think Cleveland will be RGIII’s end location, but you definitely can’t rule this team out as a possibility.

Dallas Cowboys

You know the Cowboys are going to be linked to RGIII after they expressed interest in Johnny Manziel, prior to even more off-field issues. Griffin may be the next best option. You know Jerry Jones won’t shy away from signing a guy who brings the spotlight with him. Perhaps Griffin’s Texas ties will even bring him to Dallas. The NFC East is notorious for stealing players within the division, along with other divisions in the league. Jerry Jones would love nothing more than to take a chance on Griffin and be able to rub it in Washington’s face twice a year.

Set to be 36 years old at the start of the new season, and with an injury history this past season, the Cowboys will need to look towards the future regarding their QB position. I’m sure they plan on drafting one this year, but adding an ‘established’ guy like RGIII to come in and compete would be a good move for the Cowboys.

New York Jets

You know the Jets are typically on the market for a QB. Despite the good play of Ryan Fitzpatrick this past season, he remains unsigned and it’s unclear whether the Jets will re-sign him or not. This would create a big need at QB as Geno Smith isn’t proven or reliable to just be handed the job. If Fitzpatrick isn’t retained, the Jets would absolutely need to address the position. RGIII would be an interesting addition to a team that is in pretty good shape. The Big Apple isn’t shy to welcoming in the spotlight, so there isn’t a question of fit here. A team like the Jets would be a good fit for Griffin as I see them taking the risk based on the upside Griffin brings.

I think the Jets and Todd Bowles are set on developing last year’s 4th round pick Bryce Petty, even if that’s the case, he won’t be ready for a year or two. Why not take a risk on a guy like Griffin if your the Jets? Wost case, he provides a stopgap starter/backup, or he returns to 2012 form and puts this team over the top. It may be a risk worth taking for the Jets.

San Francisco 49ers

This is the team that keeps jumping up when discussing possible locations for RGIII. Chip Kelly took the head coaching gig over a month ago, you know he’s no stranger to shaking things up. Even though it looks like Colin Kaepernick will remain a 49er in 2016, a guy like Kelly can never have too many QBs on his roster. If he signed a guy like Tim Tebow in Philadelphia, he would have no issue in signing a guy like Robert Griffin.

Kelly doesn’t care what people think of him or the moves he makes, I could fully see him stepping into San Francisco and starting a three way QB competition between Kaepernick, Griffin and Blaine Gabbert. This looks like the most likely destination, at the moment. There is still a lot of time for big shakeups as this story and free agency develops.

Los Angeles Rams

Wouldn’t that be something, RGIII ending up with the same team that traded down from the #2 pick in 2012 as they stocked up on draft picks. The Rams suffered from poor QB play last season between the likes of Nick Foles and Case Keenum. At the middle of the draft, they’re not in an ideal draft slot to snag one of the big names such as Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. While they will most likely draft a QB within the first two rounds, adding a guy like RGIII for competition wouldn’t hurt at all.

You know Jeff Fisher likes to rely on the ground game and Todd Gurley is assured to have a breakout sophomore season. With that being said, just a slight upgrade at the QB position could prove to be what this team needs. The upside of Griffin could be well worth it for the Rams.


About The Author Jonathan Valencia

The Editor-in-Chief of Breaking Football, Jonathan has been an amateur NFL Draft evaluator for nearly the past five years. He prides himself on producing extensive, informative content. Follow him on Twitter @JonValenciaBF for fresh draft takes and GIF analysis of draft prospects. Born and raised in the Jersey Shore area, Jonathan now resides in Washington state with his wife.