With the recent signing of QB Robert Griffin III, some are wondering if the Cleveland Browns are not sold on either of this year’s top quarterbacks – whether it be Carson Wentz (NDSU) or Jared Goff (Cal). Now if the Browns can’t decide on a quarterback in time for the draft, they will have quite a few options while they sit with the 2nd and 32nd overall picks in this year’s draft.

So let’s assume that the Browns don’t pick a QB in the first round this year. First we’ll say that they trade down, the obvious question is who would possibly want to trade up to the 2nd pick? I see three teams who may want to trade up and take the Browns pick. This includes: the Eagles, 49ers and the LA Rams. All of these teams are in search of that franchise QB who can lead them to the promise land. The Eagles seem like the least likely of the three due to their lack of draft picks this year, but the 49ers and Rams both have plenty of picks and a glaring need at QB. And with how many holes the Browns need to fill it will probably require “the kings ransom” to get them to trade down.

Another option is that the Browns stay where they’re at with the 2nd pick and take one of two players who will be able to impact them right away. And that is Jalen Ramsey (CB,FSU) or Laremy Tunsil (T,Ole Miss). The choice will obviously come down to whoever the Titans decide to draft. Both of these players would fill a huge hole in either the offense or the defense. With Ramsey, his versatility will allow him to jump into the role once held by safety Tashaun Gipson, or he could set up show opposite of Pro-Bowler Joe Haden at corner. Then you have Tunsil who can play RT and become the eventual successor for Pro Bowl LT Joe Thomas who isn’t getting any younger. This will fill part of the void left by the dismal free agency the Browns had.

The options are limitless for the ever unpredictable Cleveland Browns, and this year though we all know RG3 is not the savior the Browns have been searching for since 1999. Yet we’ve seen it happen 24 times before where the Browns rush to throw in a QB who has either no protection or no viable play makers around him. If Cleveland truly wants to get it right this time, QB is not the way to go.

About The Author Aaron Schlueter

Aaron is enthusiastic and passionate about anything he writes, especially when it comes to sports. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he has spent his life closely following the Browns and all things football. Aaron is always ready to talk about anything going on in the NFL.