Quite possibly the most polarizing prospect in this year’s draft, I present to you Myles Jack. After suffering a season-ending knee injury early on this past season, he elected to enter the NFL Draft despite his head coach Jim Mora disagreeing with the decision. Jack is most known for his versatility at UCLA, as he played both linebacker and running back. There’s a lot more to him that that.

I went back and watched every single snap Jack took during his short 2015 campaign, and I found myself wanting more. He is extremely fun to watch and will be nothing short of a difference maker at the next level – he does everything you need him to do. I can’t wait to watch him play on Sundays.

Name: Myles Jack
College: UCLA
Size: 6’1”/245
Class: Junior
Projection: Top 15
Comparison: Bobby Wagner


  • Coverage
  • Speed/athleticism
  • Power/physicality
  • Tackling
  • Hard hitter
  • Quickness off the edge
  • Versatility
  • Routinely lines up in multiple positions
  • Stance
  • Build/frame
  • Patience in run defense


  • Pass rushing
  • Diagnosing running plays
  • Angles
  • Questionable durability

Even though he sat out for almost the entire 2015 season, there is no doubt in my mind that Myles Jack will be a high first round pick. A team may be hesitant to take him so high after a season-ending knee injury, but watching his film will put that to rest. Jack is extremely explosive on the defensive side of the ball and nothing short of a playmaker. He is one of the best coverage linebackers I’ve ever seen. He routinely lines up man-to-man with a receiver or tight end and stays step-for-step in coverage. He also excels in zone coverage and displays great instincts. Jack is a pure athlete who can play an array of positions, playing both linebacker and running back at UCLA – I could even see him playing safety at the next level.

Known for his coverage skills, Jack doesn’t offer much in pass rushing due to his lack of moves. However, I see a lot of potential in that aspect. He flashes great quickness off the edge and lines up there occasionally. His speed and athleticism make him a lethal blitzer. He can pack a punch and is built with great power. Jack is a great tackler, can lay the wood and he uses his power effectively when in pursuit of the ball carrier to run through blockers.

With room to improve in run defense, Jack displays great patience, although he struggles to fully diagnose running plays at times. Occasionally he’ll take a poor angle and be too aggressive which forces him to overrun the ball carrier.

Bottom-line, this kid is going to be a superstar in the NFL. There aren’t any major weaknesses in his game, what’s listed above are pure nitpicks. He’s incredibly dynamic in the 2nd level of the defense and offers so much with his skillset. If I’m a GM, I’d take him in the top 10, no questions asked. He’ll be right up there with fellow LB Jaylon Smith throughout the draft process.

About The Author Jonathan Valencia

The Editor-in-Chief of Breaking Football, Jonathan has been an amateur NFL Draft evaluator for nearly the past five years. He prides himself on producing extensive, informative content. Follow him on Twitter @JonValenciaBF for fresh draft takes and GIF analysis of draft prospects. Born and raised in the Jersey Shore area, Jonathan now resides in Washington state with his wife.