Perhaps the biggest name of the entire 2016 NFL Draft, Joey Bosa is ready to take his game to the next level. A guy who has made big plays since his freshman season, Bosa has crushed the dreams of many offenses, doing so in such a nonchalant way.

Joey Bosa made a living in three years with the Buckeyes giving absolute hell to defenders and he made it look like he was just going through the motions. It appeared so effortless that it became clear halfway through his sophomore campaign that this guy was likely a three and out. Leading the Buckeyes to the inaugural College Football Playoff Championship, Bosa’s defensive efforts often single-handedly clinched victories from week to week.

Name: Joey Bosa
College: Ohio State
Size: 6’5/274
Class: Jr
Projection: Top 5
Comparison: Jared Allen


  • Ability to set the edge
  • Long frame with room to grow
  • Size and athleticism combo
  • Defensive play-making ability
  • Experience – 37 game starts
  • Faced high level of competition
  • Versatility


  • Lacks true pass rush repertoire
  • Relies on power rush or quick edge bursts
  • Discipline questionable
  • A bit lackadaisical at times

There’s really a lot to like about Bosa. A lot of folks want to compare this guy to J.J. Watt, and on some levels it’s an accurate comparison. However, his play-style really mimics that of a guy like Jared Allen. Allen really came onto the scene in year two with the Chiefs and has been one of the most reliable defenders to play at an All-Pro level for as long as he has. From a positional standpoint, Bosa is a natural 43 defensive end. It’s possible that he could bulk up and move to a 34 end a la what the Patriots had in Ty Warren for a long time. However the five technique would not play well to Bosa’s talents as a power rushing edge setter in a 43.

Bosa’s play making ability in 2014 attributed to 37 Ohio State points off turnovers, aiding the team en route to a National Championship. The 2015 NFL Draft featured Leonard Williams, a talented interior lineman who could play outside and in a 34 defense. Despite being arguably the best player in the draft, he fell to sixth with the New York Jets. Bosa will not fall outside of the top three in 2016, not to crush the hearts of all the Jaguars and Ravens fanbase. While he still has somewhat of a careless play-style at times, NFL coaching will tap into the potential that could produce an All-Pro player. A player that is undoubtedly worth the #1 overall pick, Joey Bosa in the NFL is something to be excited about regardless of where he’s selected.

About The Author Keet Bailey

Keet is the Breaking Football NFL Draft project leader. A huge draft enthusiast, Keet has covered the NFL draft for over 15 years. An avid Cleveland Browns fan, Keet resides in Ohio.