Signal callers in the NFL are among the most important positions any team could have. Most Super Bowl Championships have a very solid quarterback leading the way. If the player leading your offense isn’t capable of winning big playoff games, the team is likely to be disappointed on a consistent basis. Enter Cal junior quarterback Jared Goff, a guy who doesn’t always look the part, but one that surely delivers when the game is on the line.

In a quarterback class that lacks depth, Goff looks to be the first passer off the board come April’s NFL Draft.

College: California
Size: 6’4/215
Class: Jr
Projection: Top 15
Comparison: Derek Carr


  • Quick release
  • Pinpoint accuracy outside the hash
  • Mobility as necessary
  • Downfield vision
  • Active feet inside the pocket
  • Has shown consistent progression


  • Off-balanced on down field throws
  • Has been found to force throws
  • Footwork sloppy at times
  • Ball security (24 fumbles, 11 lost in three seasons)

The 2016 quarterback class doesn’t appear to be a lot to look at currently, but I can assure that it’s shaping up to be better than advertised, with Goff being a big part of that. Jared Goff’s three seasons at Cal showed significant progression for Goff and the rest of the Bears offense.

Goff’s arm strength isn’t exceptional, but it’s adequate. Adequate enough that he completed nearly 44% of his down field tosses in 2015.  Arm strength will be developed more with footwork refinement and some tweaking to his throwing motion.

My personal view of Goff is that he’s a guy that’s going to have a lot of success in the right program. What turns me off of Goff is the lack of poise in the pocket. While he’s a quality competitor, his confidence on the field doesn’t always resonate throughout the offense. Is he a guy that can come into a program that just lost 13 games and turn them around? I’m not certain of that right now.

What I do know is that Goff’s ability to progress at a rapid rate, desire to learn and already accurate arm will do a lot for a team at the next level and he very well could be one of the next top tier quarterbacks that is worth a top 15 selection come April for sure.

About The Author Keet Bailey

Keet is the Breaking Football NFL Draft project leader. A huge draft enthusiast, Keet has covered the NFL draft for over 15 years. An avid Cleveland Browns fan, Keet resides in Ohio.