At first glance, this stat seems ridiculous. However, after ESPN’s Ben Goessling released an article on star running back Adrian Peterson’s workout routine during the Minnesota Viking’s off-season workout program, the claims are undoubtedly true.

Peterson’s routine consists of at least 3.5 hours of track running, sprints, and weight lifting, often times lasting much longer. The main course of this workout feast lies in the sprints: 10 sets of 40-yard dashes with only 30 seconds of rest in between. The slowest Peterson’s trainer permits for any sprint is 4.49-4.55. This would infer that on Peterson’s best sprints, he is clocking well below 4.5. When compared to his NFL Combine 40-yard dash back in 2007, which was 4.44, anyone who is questioning if Peterson still has gas left in the tank? Now does this warrant us to say he should be considered a first round draft pick for your fantasy football team? Not necessarily.

Although Peterson led the league in carries, yards and touchdowns in 2015, you have a few things to consider. Le’Veon Bell was injured for the entirety of the 2015 season and stands to have a breakout season, projected as the #2 overall pick in fantasy, just behind Antonio Brown. Peterson, on the other hand, is projected at #4 in RB ADP, behind Bell, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson.

With that being said, Peterson is on a Minnesota Vikings team that cannot yet confidently rely on the arm of young Teddy Bridgewater for offensive production, thus, the Vikings may still largely look to Peterson.

If he still has what it takes to put up great numbers for another consecutive season, and this news about his workout routine says yes, Peterson may be your go to back for a late first round pick. That being said, Adrian Peterson is aging and no longer feels like a legit #1 overall candidate. If you’re picking at that spot, bypass “All Day” for someone with a little more upside and reliability.

About The Author Caleb Lacefield

Caleb Lacefield is from the suburbs of Los Angeles, living in a land of some of the greatest sport culture. He is a freelance writer of several niches, but an expert in the NFL scene and a lifetime lover of the Denver Broncos.