Former Houston Texans veteran running back Arian Foster has signed a 1-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. According to ESPN, the contract is worth $1.5 million but depending on Foster’s performance, offers incentives that could bring the deal to $3.5 million.

Foster has been plagued by injuries since entering the league in 2009 and missed half of the 2015 season because of a groin injury and a torn Achilles. Despite the injuries, Foster has maintained the league’s highest average in carries per game. Besides last season, he has also outperformed most running backs in several categories, including seasons where his availability was limited by injury.

Under Miami head coach, Adam Gase, the former offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, the veteran running back may see an approach tailored to his strengths. If Foster can stay healthy, the Dolphins could experience bolstered offensive production and since the running back group in Miami is weak, Foster would be at the head of that success.

For fantasy football owners interested in Arian Foster, this transition to Miami could prove profitable. Foster could end up being the main workhorse in the running game, but with more of a supporting cast with Tannehill and company, something he lacked in Houston.

Miami’s new veteran will limit his risk for injury while still being effective, although it remains to be determined precisely what his exact role will be with young backs like Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake vying for playing time. Still, Foster’s biggest challenge is avoiding injury, not to mention returning fully healthy from his injuries of last season. If he can do both, he could be a dangerous weapon in Miami’s arsenal.

Foster likely lost some of the burst he possessed before his serious injury of a year ago, but he’s still a versatile and highly-skilled running back. As long as the Fins give him a chance to shoulder most of the load, he could quickly shape up as a massive steal in fantasy football drafts.

While currently slotted as a late round draft pick (at best), Foster could become a contested running back choice if he looks to be healthy after training camp. If you have your fantasy draft ahead of August, spending a late-round pick on Foster isn’t too risky, and could ultimately pay off in a big way.

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