Football was played over the weekend, which means we had our fair share of fun, Vineable, GIFable moments. Let’s roll through our favorites.

Ameer Abdullah juking Eric Weddle into retirement

Eric Weddle has had a nice, long career since being taken in the second round of the 2007 Draft. He’s become one of the mainstays of the Chargers’ defense, and is one of the more underrated players in the league. Unfortunately, Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah ended Weddle’s career prematurely with this move (via @WillBrinson):

This was Abdullah’s first NFL carry, which makes it even more amazing. Sorry, Eric. You’ve had a nice career. Time to hang ’em up, because there’s no coming back from this.

Someone pooped in Eli Manning’s shoes

You already know this, but the Giants lost to the Cowboys in just about the most humiliating way possible Sunday night, leaving us with the first Eli Face of the young season (via Valerie Vine Star):

Sad Eli is sad. Get ’em next week, lil buddy.

Aaron Rodgers breakin’ ankles

The Packers seem to keep finding new ways to humiliate the Bears, and Sunday’s win was no exception. Aaron Rodgers did this to some guy (via @FlyByKnite):

 I love the way the Bears guy just kinda flops around like a fish out of water. Excellent defending.  Whatever the hell this play is from Bucs-Titans A lot happens here. Let’s just watch:  

I don’t even know what the result of this play was, other than COMEDY. We have Mariota apparently just chucking the ball into his own end zone. We have a Titans O-lineman picking it up and running hilarious to nowhere in particular before dropping the ball. We then have Bucs guy pick the ball up, thinking he’d scored We have a ref eating it. SO MUCH.

Apparently they ruled that Mariota had been sacked before all of the fun started. Lame.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ lack of scoreboard awareness

It’s kind of an unwritten rule in sports that if you’re getting your ass kicked in the game, you probably shouldn’t be doing a ton of celebrating. Bucs tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins cares not for your unwritten rules.

This is glorious.

Josh McCown’s helicopter fail

Josh McCown is the Browns’ starting quarterback, because, Browns. Sadly for Mr. McCown, his Cleveland debut was cut short after a wildass attempt at scoring a touchdown against the Jets. He had visions of glory, only to be concussed mid-air. It’s obviously scary and not funny that he sustained an injury on the play, but it’s still spectacular to watch (via NBA/NFL/MLB All Access):

As a Texans fan, I can only be reminded of the legendary Sage “Rosencopter” Rosenfels play.

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