The 2015 NFL season is just days away, which means time is running out for Breaking Football to make their picks for all things football for the year. It also means you need to scramble to finish preparing for your fantasy football draft. Whether you’re just biding your time until Thursday’s kickoff game or you need extra fantasy advice for your draft or week one, we’ve got you covered with a laundry list of questions (and answers):


1. Which fantasy QB will exceed expectations?

Taylor Smith: Ryan Tannehill! I like him! And he has weaponry!

Kevin Roberts: Tyrod Taylor. Dual threat with weapons around him. There’s no denying the upside.

Keet Bailey: Teddy Bridgewater: I mean come on. AP is back and did you see how he finished last year?

Terrence Kirker: Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jets will be better than expected with Decker and Marshall.

2. Which fantasy QB will disappoint?

Taylor: Aaron Rodgers. He’ll still be pretty awesome and stuff, but no Jordy is a pretty big deal.

Kevin: Cam Newton. He has no one to throw to FOR REAL this time.

Keet: Sam Bradford. Folks love his upside in Kelly’s offense. But he won’t stay healthy.

Terrence: Cam Newton. He will prove NOT to be Superman this season.

3. Which fantasy RB will exceed expectations?

Taylor: Doug Martin. For whatever reason I feel like Muscle Hamster is BACK BABY.

Kevin: Chris Ivory. Finally has a big role and he’s got a feature back skill-set.

Keet: Cameron Artis-Payne. Currently undrafted in most leagues, but he’s behind an injury-prone Jonathan Stewart and can run in the red zone.

Terrence: Joseph Randle. Cowboys have the best OL in football.

4. Which fantasy RB will disappoint?

Taylor: Melvin Gordon. He’s looked awful in preseason, and he could lose his job to Branden Oliver before too long.

Kevin: Joique Bell. Too much talent behind him and he’s an injury waiting to happen.

Keet: DeMarco Murray. You don’t touch the ball 500 times at a high level two years in a row.

Terrence: Justin Forsett. I just don’t see it.

5. Which fantasy WR will exceed expectations?

Taylor: Andre Johnson. He’s been saddled with garbage QB play throughout his career. He’s old, but still great.

Kevin: Jeremy Maclin. People think Alex Smith will bring him down but he’ll be fine.

Keet: Allen Robinson. If Bortles improves even in the slightest, Robinson will make some plays.

Terrence: Davante Adams. Kid will be a stud!

6. Which fantasy WR will disappoint?

Taylor: Jimmy Graham. Not technically a WR, but I don’t think he’s gonna be nearly as dynamic in SEA.

Kevin: Emmanuel Sanders. Change in the system hurts him the most in Denver.

Keet: Jordan Matthews. He’s a Sam Bradford injury away from being irrelevant.

Terrence: Alshon Jeffery. No Marshall on the opposite side means double teams all day.

7. Who will be the top fantasy rookie?

Taylor: Nelson Agholor. Just because Kevin picked Amari Cooper before me.

Kevin: Amari Cooper. Going to get targeted like crazy, so easy pick.

Keet: Amari Cooper. No brainer. Derek Carr isn’t nearly as good as advertised, but he just has to be as good as last season with Cooper running routes.

Terrence: Todd Gurley. He’s gonna get touches if he can stay healthy.


1. Who will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Taylor: Marcus Mariota. The Titans will be horrendous, but it won’t be all his fault.

Kevin: Marcus Mariota. Not sure it will be deserving, but he’ll be good enough.

Keet: Jameis Winston. Taking a chance, but he’s still got Evans, Jackson, Martin/Sims and can throw downfield.

Terrence: Amari Cooper. Tons of touches.

2. Who will be the Defensive Rookie of the Year? 

Taylor: Kevin Johnson. HOMER PICK ALERT

Kevin: Vic Beasley. Dan Quinn will have him playing at a high level early.

Keet: Marcus Peters. Teams will test him early and he’s going to step up.

Terrence: Leonard Williams. Jets should be really good up front.

3. Who will win Coach of the Year?

Taylor: Sexy Rexy. CIRCLE THE WAGONS

Kevin: Chip Kelly. Just cuz.

Keet: Bill Belichick. Thanks, Deflategate.

Terrence: Mike Zimmer. Nobody takes a bigger step than the Vikings this year.

4. Who will be the first coach fired?

Taylor: It cannot be anyone other than Jay Gruden, right?

Kevin: Ron Rivera. If it gets ugly in Carolina I don’t see him lasting.

Keet: History trends toward Cleveland despite Mike Pettine doing a fine job. But Jay Gruden is the obvious choice here.

Terrence: Jay Gruden. Dan Snyder is too dysfunctional.

5. Who will win Defensive Player of the Year?

Taylor: J.J. Watt. No need to defend this answer.

Kevin: J.J. Watt. He’s just a total beast and we all know it.

Keet: What a silly question.

Terrence: DUH! J.J. all day!

6. Who will win MVP?

Taylor: J.J. Watt. He was robbed last year.

Kevin: Aaron Rodgers. Without Jordy, no less.

Keet: Russell Wilson. Just because he knows how much I can’t stand his success.

Terrence: Andrew Luck. Easy schedule for the Colts and they should breeze.


1. Who will win the AFC North?

Taylor: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin: Baltimore Ravens

Keet. Pittsburgh Steelers by a mile.

Terrence: Baltimore Ravens

2. Who will win the AFC East?

Taylor: New England Patriots

Kevin: New England Patriots

Keet: New England Patriots

Terrence: Miami Dolphins in a tiebreaker

3. Who will win the AFC South?

Taylor: Indianapolis Colts

Kevin: Indianapolis Colts

Keet: Indianapolis Colts

Terrence: Indianapolis Colts

4. Who will win the AFC West?

Taylor: San Diego Chargers

Kevin: Denver Broncos

Keet: Denver Broncos

Terrence: Denver Broncos

5. Who will win the NFC North?

Taylor: Detroit Lions

Kevin: Green Bay Packers

Keet: Minnesota Vikings. AP + Teddy + a defense that’s only getting better

Terrence: Green Bay Packers

6. Who will win the NFC East?

Taylor: Dallas Cowboys

Kevin: Dallas Cowboys

Keet: New York Giants. Eli should be on schedule for a few miracles.

Terrence: Philadelphia Eagles

7. Who will win the NFC South?

Taylor: New Orleans Saints

Kevin: New Orleans Saints

Keet: Atlanta Falcons

Terrence: New Orleans Saints

8. Who will win the NFC West?

Taylor: Seattle Seahawks

Kevin: Seattle Seahawks

Keet: Seattle Seahawks

Terrence: Seattle Seahawks


1. Who will face-off in the Super Bowl, and who wins?

Taylor: Cardinals over Patriots. I BELIEVE

Kevin: Seahawks over Patriots. REMATCH, BITCHES

Keet: Seahawks over Steelers

Terrence: Colts over Seahawks

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