The Jacksonville Jaguars are in pursuit of an impact offensive weapon, and per the Denver Post, that could come in the form of Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas. The Broncos have been fighting to stop Thomas from hitting the free agent market, but that may be impossible now that the Jaguars have joined a few other teams in pursuit of Thomas.

Jacksonville is in the midst of rebuilding a youth-based team, with much of their roster being first and second year players. With a lot of cap money to spend, the Jaguars will be making a well-aimed pursuit to lock up Julius Thomas, as a tight end who is likely to stay healthy and play his role – unlike their current tight end Marcedes Lewis, who was signed to a ridiculous five year $25 million dollar contract back in 2011 by former Jaguars general manager Gene Smith.

Julius Thomas was offered a contract extension last summer by the Denver Broncos, but he reportedly wasn’t comfortable with the deal and wanted to test the market. The Broncos then refused to negotiate with Thomas during the pre-season, which set off the tight end, who is unlikely to re-sign with his current team.

Fantasy Insight: The other side of this is if Thomas would really want to play for the Jags. He could just see the money and run, but it’s still possible he desires a combination of compensation and ability to win. Regardless, Thomas would see a decrease in fantasy value should he sign with Jacksonville. Blake Bortles will just be in his second year and the Jags have failed to properly utilize the tight end position for years.

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