Draft day is full of crazy trades and perplexing picks. Here are six trades that you may want to prepare for during the 2015 NFL Draft. There are sure to be at least a few moves and we’re going to try to hit on them. It’s a safe bet that Chip Kelly will be behind some of them.

1. Eagles trade up to acquire Marcus Mariota

It’s hard to imagine Chip Kelly’s master plan ends at Sam Bradford. He knows he wants Mariota, we know he wants Mariota and he knows we know he wants Mariota, yet he arrogantly continues to lie to us. One team makes the most sense to make a deal with. That team is the Washington Redskins. In one fell swoop, Kelly can get his man and mortgage the franchises future like he promised he wouldn’t and the Redskins can in a sense undo the RG3 trade. Perhaps Philly sends Bradford to Cleveland. They claim it was an option before. Of course Cleveland would then be stuck with Bradford, Josh McCown and Johnny Football, but hey, they’re the Browns. Making inexplicable decisions on draft day is kind of their thing.

2. Tennessee trades out at No. 2

In the No. 2 spot your options are pretty much get a pass rusher or over-draft somebody. After free agency, a pass rusher is less of a pressing need for the Titans. They’ve already signed Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan. Look for Tennessee to make a move and trade out for somebody looking to scoop up Leonard Williams or perhaps even Mariota. It would likely be a team inside the top 10 that trades up. The price would be too steep otherwise. Unless of course Jameis Winston slips by the Bucs. That could change everything.

3. Minnesota moves Adrian Peterson

There is going to be a huge market for AP and at this point the soured relationship between Peterson and the Vikings appears to be unsalvageable. Somebody will make a move to get him. The most likely suitors in my eyes are the Cardinals. That could be a scary team with a power runner like Peterson paired up with Andre Ellington. It would be a bit of a surprise if Peterson is still a Viking when the draft concludes.

4. Cowboys trade up for a star running back

We all know the Cowboys can’t possibly be so arrogant about their O-line that they’ve decided to just roll with Darren McFadden. Sure they’ve been making better decisions as of late but it’s not Jerry Jones’ style to lose the league’s leading rusher and not make a splash. Look for Dallas to trade up inside the top 20 and grab either Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon. My prediction is they trade with Houston and jump the Chargers in order to grab Gurley. Gordon could be more appealing for health reasons only.

5. Eagles acquire Dion Jordan from Miami

Rumors have been circulating that the Eagles want yet another former Oregon Duck, Dion Jordan. It wouldn’t be a shock if Miami was anxious to deal him after the former third-overall pick has posted back-to-back disappointing seasons. Two players have been rumored to be possible key cogs in this deal. They are Pro-Bowl guard Evan Mathis and defensive back Brandon Boykin. Both would fill needs for the Dolphins. Perhaps a deal could get done that would involve the teams swapping firsts, players and Miami collecting some picks. Maybe it could even be part of a bigger Mariota deal.

6. Saints trade Drew Brees

This is the least likely of all these possibilities. However, the Saints could just say screw it and completely blow it up. If a team offered enough for the future Hall of Famer, they may not be able to refuse at this point. They appear to be in somewhat of a rebuilding mode right now. They may decide it’s best not to rebuild with a 36-year-old QB. Regardless of how great he may. Moving Brees may be best for all three parties. The Saints, his suitors and Brees himself. Only a win now team with cap room that’s missing a QB could make this move. That may be hard to find.

About The Author Mark Morales-Smith

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