The Seattle Seahawks just got to their second straight Super Bowl and had they just given the ball to Marshawn Lynch, we’d probably be talking about a repeat champion. Instead, everything has gone to hell with conspiracy theories abound. That being said, if the ‘Hawks can just tame the beasts that rest on their own roster, they can turn right back around and do it all again. Of course, even Seattle isn’t without some issues.

With the 2015 NFL Draft just a couple of months away, let’s take a quick look at Seattle’s biggest flaws and what they might want to do to correct them:

Offense: WR, TE, OG

The most glaring need is obviously at wide receiver. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse are respectable talents, but they aren’t stars and they probably shouldn’t be #1 and #2 wide receivers. It’s possible Seattle discovered something in Chris Matthews during the Super Bowl, but they can’t bank on that. Losing Percy Harvin and Golden Tate clearly hurt their offensive consistency in the passing game and they need to rectify that. There are some big name wide receivers ready to hit the open market, but Seattle should be wise and just attack the position in the draft.

Luke Willson is fine. He can catch and block and he’s actually made some big plays. But he’s not an elite starting tight end and he never will be. He has an awkward way about him, as if he just happens into every reception he gets. Due to Seattle not really depending on the tight end position, they might not see this as a glaring need, especially since Willson has shown mild progress and could get better. Of course, if they really want to make their offense unstoppable, they’d try to upgrade in the draft or sign someone in free agency.

James Carpenter is going to be a free agent, potentially leaving a big gap at offensive guard. Carpenter is a solid guard and can be a monster in the run game, so I’m all for them just keeping him. He can be upgraded upon, though, so if Seattle doesn’t want to over-pay, they can go right back to the draft to help replace him. They reached for Carpenter in the draft in the first place, so it’s entirely logical to assume they’d go find his replacement via the same route.

Defense: CB, DT

Richard Sherman is here to stay, but impressive #2 corner Byron Maxwell is about to hit free agency and he very well could break the bank elsewhere. If he leaves, Seattle could turn to Jeremy Lane, but they’d still need one or two more corners for depth and competition. We saw in the Super Bowl that an expanded role for Tharold Simon isn’t a desired route. Keeping Maxwell would ease this need up, but Seattle’s defense depends on Sherman locking down one side and the other corner doing all he can to match Sherman. They can’t allow for the other side of the field to become an issue.

Seattle’s line is aging rapidly up front, as Kevin Williams is a free agent again, and Brandon Mebane is now 30 and coming off of a torn hamstring. He’s probably still completely fine up front, but Seattle needs to invest in some defensive tackle talent for the future. They also need depth here with Williams likely not coming back. Speaking of depth, problem areas to a lesser degree will be Seattle’s overall depth across the defense – specifically at linebacker and on the ends of the defensive line. Their pass rush fell apart one Cliff Avril got hurt in the Super Bowl, so bringing in a young talent to groom would be a good idea, while they also could use some extra bodies at linebacker.

Overall, Seattle doesn’t have many flaws and if they just tweak some small things they’ll be right back in the playoffs with a shot at another Super Bowl.

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