The trade rumors are ramping up as we get closer to the 2015 NFL Draft, and all the talk of a Marcus Mariota trade won’t be going away until the draft gets going. In fact, we might be hearing several more draft trade rumors before that point, as the Tennessee Titans hold the #2 overall pick and appear to have all the power in negotiations.

Recent rumors swirling around the league have the Titans potentially doing a three-team deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns. Said deal would include Sam Bradford (to Cleveland for the Browns’ 19th overall pick), Philly’s #20 overall pick and Clevelands 19th overall pick, plus defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and linebacker Mychal Kendricks to Tennessee for the rights to the number two selection.

Yikes. That’s quite a load at first glance, but if Kelly isn’t sold on his two defensive players or deems them expendable, it’s actually not a bad trade – especially considering there had been rumors for weeks that the Eagles had merely acquired Bradford as trade bait in the first place. If that’s true, this particular trade rumor could hold some serious weight.

Of course, this is still a deal that may only include the Eagles and the Titans, as Cleveland’s 19th overall pick wouldn’t be needed if Tennessee bit on Bradford being included in the deal. If that deal worked out, the Titans would get he 20th overall pick, Bradford, Cox and Kendricks. That’s quite a haul for a rebuilding team that doesn’t have a sure fire franchise passer and needs to retool their defense. Philly, meanwhile, would ultimately only lose one pick and Chip Kelly would get his guy.

It sounds like a good plan and one that the crafty Kelly has had up his sleeve for quite some time. The only problem is the Titans could decide they’re smitten with Mariota, themselves. That, or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who own the top pick in the draft, could sidestep Jameis Winston and roll with Mariota. Should that happen, all bets would be off.

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