The Washington Redskins are a team that is seemingly unappealing in terms of fantasy football value. But in reality the Redskins have a couple of players worth considering in fantasy. Of course there is the train wreck of a quarterback situation and a dismal offensive line out there to worry you, but I still have faith in a couple of their players. Let’s take a closer look at even the fringe options and come to a conclusion at how you should value Washington players for 2015:

Kirk Cousins Takes Over

The Washington Redskins have one of the ugliest, if not THE ugliest looking quarterback situation in the NFL. Kirk Cousins was just named the starter today, and the coaches are receiving backlash from the executives in the organization who are interested in continuing to give RG3 chances to try to be the starter. This kind of controversy just hurts everyone in the organization from the coaches to the players. I stated before that I thought RG3 could be a sleeper QB2 in fantasy football, but obviously with him being named the back-up that is no longer true. I’d say the same for Kirk Cousins. With how terrible the Redskins offensive line has been, and the divided status of the front office in Washington, I think it is pretty obvious that Redskin quarterbacks should be avoided all together this fantasy season.

Alfred the Reliable 

Alfred Morris is one of the better running backs in the NFL. He is highly underrated and is one of the only true 3-down backs left in the league. Having said that I’m expecting Morris’ numbers to decrease a little bit this season. I think this for a couple of reasons. The first of which is the terrible o-line play in Washington. There is also just the total disarray that the team is facing at the moment, which leads me to believe they will be playing from behind a lot this season. Playing from behind really doesn’t help the fantasy production of Morris, since Morris has never really been used as a pass catching back. Morris is still worth drafting, and is probably around the 17th best running back available this year, but don’t expect top 10 or even top 15 numbers out of the 4th year back. Rookie Matt Jones is a solid talent who should vie for a few touches and he could be worth a look if Morris goes down. Until then, he’s at best a solid handcuff to stash at the end of your bench.

Bounce Back For Garcon?

There are a couple of wide receivers to look at when considering Redskin receivers to draft. It’s really about Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Garcon has been a reception monster in the past. He led the NFL in catches two years ago, so in PPR formats he should be around the 100th pick in the draft. However, in standard formats I would be scared to target him. He could be worth drafting really late if you are looking to add depth at wide receiver, but I wouldn’t draft him with expectations of him performing on my fantasy team. Then there is DeSean Jackson. He is a much more intriguing prospect for fantasy football. Jackson has been, and will always be one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game. I see teams defensively trying to go after whoever is playing quarterback for the Redskins, and focusing on stopping the run game. This will open up downfield opportunities for Jackson once in a while. Ultimately I see Jackson being a spot flex starter when you are suffering through bye weeks. He will be a hit or miss player, and in those bye week situations the risk could be worth the reward.

Fragile Jordan

Jordan Reed is a highly underrated tight end prospect. Whoever is playing quarterback for the Redskins is going to have to get rid of the ball quickly, which often can translate to receptions for the teams tight end. And with Niles Paul gone with injury Reed stands to see ALL of the tight end pass-catching situations. Reed is a solid choice for a TE2 on your fantasy team. He has a high ceiling and a low floor making him a really solid choice for a TE2 for your fantasy team. If your TE1 gets injured or is underperforming Reed could sneak into your lineup and steal the show. Also his average draft position is 247th according to Great value for a guy that could possibly sneak into the top 10 tight ends this year.

Trust in Forbath?

I’ll be brief. Don’t draft the Redskins kicker. Under any circumstance. Seriously. You’ve been warned. Kai Forbath himself isn’t a total waste of space, but this offense is tough to trust, therefore Forbath should be, as well.

Redskins D Still Not Great

The Redskins defense is also one you will want to avoid. They lack playmakers and will struggle defending teams, especially considering how many bad situations their offense is liable to put them in. Their defense isn’t terrible, specifically against the run (they’re actually quite good), but they won’t be very good at all from a fantasy standpoint. It all stems from the lack of unity in the front office, and the terrible quarterback situation that Washington is dealing with.

So what do you think about the Redskins fantasy outlook this season? Was I too negative? Let us know in the comments!

About The Author Joel Empey

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