Honestly, I wasn’t going to do a piece on Aaron Rodgers this year. Because he’s Aaron Rodgers. He needs to introduction, and he surely needs no defense when it comes to his production in fantasy football. Seriously, we’re talking about a guy who has finished first or second among fantasy quarterbacks every year but one since taking over as the starter of the Green Bay Packers in 2008.

The only year he wasn’t a top-two guy, he missed seven games with a broken collarbone. And the summa bitch still finished inside the top-25. He even came back in week 17 and tossed a game-winning touchdown to oust the Bears and sneak into the playoffs. Zing, indeed.

Shall I keep going? Fine, Jordy Nelson shredded his knee and now everyone is concerned A-Rod won’t be elite anymore. Oh, you mean like in 2008, 2009 and 2010, before Nelson was really even a thing? Or like in 2012, when Nelson was nicked up for half the year and missed 12 games? Yeah, Rodgers was still a top-two options, then too.

On top of that, losing Jordy simply isn’t the end of the world. Rodgers makes Green Bay’s system go, Eddie Lacy certainly helps balance things out and Randall Cobb is a legit top-15 fantasy weapon with or without Nelson. Davante Adams is the kicker, as he was showing signs of #2 receiver talent last year and will now be thrust into a major role. That’s not even counting the size/speed freak that is Jeff Janis, who looks like a Jordy Nelson clone (albeit more of a poor man’s version), or rookie slot man Ty Montgomery, who brings speed and agility to the table.

Rodgers still has weapons, he still has a running game, he still has this system and he personally is still really, really good.

I’m shocked you’ve gone this far. I’m surprised you needed to. But maybe you’re considering taking Rodgers in round two or hell, even round one. One way or another, you’re looking for extra assurance that he’s the boss we’ve always known him to be. Save for breaking down a bit health-wise the last two years (calf and clavicle), he is. And there isn’t much to suggest otherwise.

With that being the happy reality, Rodgers is still a top-two fantasy passer and to me, still the #1 overall option among quarterbacks. I’m more into waiting on quarterback due to the depth of the position (and the fact that most fantasy leagues require just one passer), but I’ll never fault anyone for drafting him. And if you want to, you should, because he’s freaking awesome and will continue to be in 2015.

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