Week one of the 2015 NFL season feels like it’s forever away. Truth be told, the first game of the year (Steelers vs. Patriots) is literally three whole weeks away. That’s not too long, but that is an insane amount of time to allow player roles to change thanks to competition or injuries.

We’ve already seen Arian Foster take a big hit (groin), guys like LeSean McCoy, Julius Thomas and Michael Floyd (just to name a few) are all out for the rest of the preseason and could be at risk for week one, while Kelvin Benjamin is now done for the year. But you’re in a season long fantasy football league and you want to know who to draft and for week one, who to play.

It’s too early for what I put here to be guaranteed to be set in stone. Three weeks isn’t that long in our regular lives, but in the NFL world, it might as well be an eternity. Needless to say, this set of week 1 fantasy rankings probably will be obsolete within a week (although it thankfully updates right before your eyes when I make any changes at FantasyPros.com). In other words, if you’re excited to look ahead to week one, you can get a good idea of where I’m ranking people. Just be sure to look for updates over the next few weeks before writing anything down in pen.

With that, here are my tentative week one player rankings for the 2015 fantasy football season:

2015 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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