The Seattle Seahawks made huge headlines during the NFL off-season when they were able to trade for Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. After making back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, Seattle wanted to add one more playmaker on offense for the future. They now have arguably the best tight end that can be drafted in fantasy football leagues, but just how will he fit into a new system after spending his entire career with the New Orleans Saints?

As good as Graham is, chances are he is going to see his numbers go down in Seattle. The Seahawks simply do not rely on passing the football as much as New Orleans, so he won’t get the targets he needs to be as dominant as we’re accustomed to seeing. He is a well rounded tight end, so he will be asked to do other things that might not show up in fantasy football leagues statistically. That’s not to say that Seattle won’t be creative with ways to get him the football.

Currently, Seattle is trying to figure out exactly what to do with quarterback Russell Wilson and his contract. Once they get that under control, Wilson and Graham can start working together more and more for the upcoming season. It really helps to have a tight end like Graham for Wilson, because he likes to make smart, efficient passes on the field. It is a pretty safe bet to throw a short pass to a total mismatch, while Graham’s size and catch radius are bound to make him a nightmare in the red-zone.

In fantasy football leagues, Graham might be sacrificing his number one ranking at the position with the move to Seattle. However, if he is able to have more post-season success and possibly win a Super Bowl title with the Seahawks, he will be more than happy with how that plays out. At this point in his career, the team in Seattle is going to give him a much better chance to win compared to the team in New Orleans. That may not be music to the ears of fantasy football gamers, but they should still be plenty happy with the results they see in 2015.

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