The notorious boom or bust wide receiver DeSean Jackson quietly put up 1,169 yards on 56 receptions and 6 touchdowns a season ago. Now he’s telling everyone no one can stop him. He did shred the Seattle Seahawks on prime time television last year and beat up on a hampered Darrelle Revis the year before, but let’s first get one thing straight: he’s not unstoppable.

That being said, Jackson has always played with a chip on his shoulder and that looks to be no different entering this season calling out every top defensive back in the league. DeSean has the skill-set, speed and quickness to back up all of his talking, which is why he has frightened opponents throughout his whole career.

DeSean Jackson absolutely has WR2 upside but is probably more of a weekly WR3/Flex player. With an average draft position in the late fifth round, to early sixth round you could be reaching. The biggest worry I have with Jackson isn’t Jackson himself, its more on the right arm of RG3. The lack of consistency the Redskins have had at quarterback since adding DeSean is scary. It is hard for any wide receiver to consistently put up numbers with struggle quarterback play. If you look back at

Even with the quarterback concerns, I have Jackson having a similar season to his numbers a year ago. I would like to see his reception total go up a little bit, but the Redskins are adamant on having a more balanced offense this year. If DeSean can put up right above 1,000 yards and 6+ touchdowns you will be getting a solid value pick on draft day. Unfortunately, that probably leaves his upside as a strong WR2.

The final verdict on drafting DeSean Jackson this year is that he is and always will be a boom or bust talent. The boom has outweighed the bust throughout his career to this point. I wouldn’t rely on Jackson to be your number two WR in season long leagues but he will make a very strong WR3 option and will be a fun guy to chase depending on the matchup in weekly DFS fantasy football games. If Jackson can develop some chemistry with RG3 and the offense gets rolling early this year Jackson could very well end up posting better numbers than a year ago. I am cautiously optimistic on drafting DeSean Jackson, but I will only start to consider him once I have locked in my top two WR’s and I am looking for value in the middle rounds.

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