The most surprising thing about this week is that there were not all that many surprises. Except of course for the Cowboys taking down the reigning Super Bowl champs in Seattle. We also had a tie, which is always an unfortunate turn of events. That is clearly a rule that needs to be addressed.

As the weeks go on, the power continues to shift in the NFL. See where your favorite team landed heading in to Week 7:

1. San Diego Chargers
Record: 5-1

The Raiders actually gave the top ranked Chargers a run for their money, but that happens from time to time. A win is a win. Even against an awful Raiders team. It was still a road, divisional game against a team coming off a bye week.

2. Denver Broncos
Record: 4-1

Much like the Chargers, the Broncos had a less than stellar victory. They let the Jets hang around for a lot longer than they should have. The score (31-17) does not show how competitive the game was for a while. The Broncos hang on to the No. 2 spot, however, their O-line and defense need to improve in order for them to stay here.

3. Arizona Cardinals
Record: 4-1

What the Cardinals have done battling through injuries is extremely impressive. Not too many four and one teams have played three different QBs. It doesn’t seem to matter who they put out there, Arizona knows how to win football games.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Record: 5-1

The Eagles really took it to the Giants Sunday night. They won by a score of 27-0. Many experts predicted the G-Men to pull off the win. The Eagles still have only one loss and just barely edge out their NFC East foes the Cowboys. When they return from their bye week, they face a tough matchup in Arizona.

5. Dallas Cowoys
Record: 5-1

The Cowboys did what was thought to be impossible. They knocked off the Seahawks in Seattle. If they continue to win, they will continue to climb. They showed a lot of heart on Sunday.

6. Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 3-1-1
The Bengals tied on Sunday. We really don’t know what to make of that. Currently the Bengals are dealing with a lot of injuries. As they get healthy, they will get even scarier.

7. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 3-2

Watching the Seahawks lose at home was like watching someody tear off Superman’s cape and strangle him with it. Losing that air of invincibility could have a serious effect on Seattle’s season.

8. Baltimore Ravens
Record: 4-2

After a tough loss to the Colts, Baltimore came out of the gates firing against the Bucs. The game was over before Tampa knew what hit them.

9. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 4-2

The 49ers appear to have something missing, but they continue to win inspite of it. It would not be shocking to see the 49ers make a huge leap or plummet in the coming weeks. One thing to note, the Cowboys and Eagles both have only one loss. Both lost to the 49ers.

10. Detroit Lions
Record: 4-2

Detroit won but still managed to fall a few spots. We know that they don’t make the schedule and it shouldn’t be held against them. Nonetheless, too many teams won much bigger games and forced the Lions back a few spot.

11. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 4-2

Despite a poor O-line, sub-par defense and a ton of turnovers, the Colts continue to impress. If we voted right now, Luck would be third in my MVP voting. Only because he needs to get his turnovers under control.

12. Green Bay Packers
Record: 4-2

The Packers stole a win in Miami. It may not have been pretty but they got the done.

13. New England Patriots
Record: 4-2

After looking so awful for four games, the Pats have looked very good since being embarrassed by the Chiefs on national TV. It may not be time to bury Tom Brady just quite yet.

14. Carolina Panthers
Record: 3-2-1

On the other side of a very unfullfilling tie, we have the Panthers. They played a very good team to a tie. That’s a good thing. Kind of.

15. Chicago Bears
Record: 3-3

Chicago had a huge win in Atlanta this week. They have been extremely up and down. They appear to be capable of beating or losing to anybody on any given day

16. Cleveland Browns
Record: 3-2

The Browns have been a bit of a surprise this year and their offense has been flat out shocking. Behind a dominant O-line, the Browns continue to put up points. They are above .500 and may stay that way for a while considering they have the Jags and Raiders next up on the schedule.

17. Houston Texans
Record: 3-3

The Texans may have the best football player in the league in J.J. Watt. Unfortunately they may also have one of the worst starting QBs in the league as well.

18. Buffalo Bills
Record: 3-3

We do not believe in Kyle Orton. We’re surprised they’ve done this well so far. We expect them to continue to fall.

19. New York Giants
Record: 3-3

After two miserable games to start the season, the Giants looked great for three straight games. They looked like a real contender. Then this week they go out and become the second team all year to get shut out. And they were shut out by an awful Eagles defense. They have been a tale of two teams.

20. Kansas City Chiefs
Record: 2-3

The Chiefs have some big wins and some bad losses. The bye week had little effect on their ranking.

21. Miami Dolphins
Record: 2-3

The Dolphins lost a heartbreaker against the Packers. Still, there are no moral victories. Especially the way they blew a last minute lead. If you want to climb, you must win games.

22. Pittsburgh
Record: 3-3

Aside from a dominant win over the Panthers, the Steelers have been extremely unimpressive. They are only 3-3 and we believe they’re not even as good as their record shows.

23. Atlanta Falcons
Record: 2-4

The Falcons are another team that it’s somewhat surprising to see them take a whopping at home. They have a long way to go if they want to be considered contenders once again.

24. New Orleans Saints
Record: 2-3

The Saints have not been good. Even their wins are unimpressive. They are a big name team that is not playing up to their billing. They may be the most disappointing team in the league to this point.

25. Minnesota Vikings
Record: 2-4

The Vikings as a franchise appear to be heading in the right direction. Right now, they just don’t have enough fire power. Hopefully Teddy Bridgewater pans out for them.

26.Tennessee Titans
Record: 2-4

The Titans climbed three spots for beating the Jags. Needless to say, we’re unimpressed.

27. St. Louis Rams
Record: 1-4

The Rams have young talent at seemingly every position. They just need to put it all together. It would not be surprising to see them knock off some contenders down the stretch.

28.Washington Redskins
Record: 1-5

Based on the eye test, the Redskins may have the worst defense in the league. They are just painful to watch.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record: 1-5

Despite a bunch of young talented guys, the Bucs are terrible.They started like this last season though, and then went on a nice little run.

30. New York Jets
Record: 1-5

The Jets lost not only their game but their best CB as well. That secondary was already awful and they continue to get worse. They will have to face the Pats on Thursday night. doesn’t look good.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars
Record: 0-6

The Jags are clinging on to that 31st spot for dear life. They just barely stayed out of the basement after losing to the Titans.

32. Oakland Raiders
Record: 0-5

Another game, another loss. They played decent against the Chargers, but they still lost. It will take a win to climb out of the cellar.

About The Author Mark Morales-Smith

Long time fantasy football and basketball player. Favorite sports teams include Dolphins, Hurricane Football, Cavs, Bearcats Bball, Devils, Braves.