It seems you just can’t trust NFL Draft rumors these days. Despite numerous reports over the past month suggesting the Atlanta Falcons have serious interest in the draft’s number one overall pick, it now appears they might not.

According to SportsRadio 610 Houston, the Falcons and Texans “will not be working together” on a trade for the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

While the Falcons appear to believe the asking price to move up from the sixth spot to the top spot is too great, that doesn’t mean Atlanta is okay with standing pat. In fact, per the report, the Falcons are still very much interested in moving up in the draft – they just don’t care about getting the #1 overall selection.

Atlanta has been tied to elite pass rushers Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack for months, while the Houston Texans remain open about their interest in trading down for the right offer. If the Falcons don’t trade up with Houston, though, there is a good chance one of those pass rushers is taken with the first pick in the draft. And if they don’t move up several spots, they can probably forget about landing either player.

That might be okay, too, however, as the Falcons now seem to have their sights set on Auburn tackle Greg Robinson. If they want to make sure they land him, though, they’ll almost certainly have to trade with the St. Louis Rams, who currently hold the number two overall draft pick.


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