The Houston Texans are on the clock! Which is a really lame, tired way of saying it’s almost time for the NFL Draft!

I’m from Houston. Not originally, but I lived there for a time. Enough time to say I’m from there. As I did a couple sentences back. As a native (not really, though) Houstonian, I’ve contracted the rather unfortunate illness known as “Texans fandom”, which I’m pretty sure is terminal.

The Texans have a slew of picks in this draft (11 to be exact), which sounds cool until you realize there’s no way they’re getting 11 actual NFL-caliber players with those 11 selections. Maaaaaybe two, if they’re lucky. So, despite this being an exercise in complete futility, I’m here to try and predict what they’ll be doing with their first four picks.

Starts off easily enough.

Round 1, Pick 1: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Shock and awe! The Texans are the only team in the league since 2002 to have selected a defensive player with the first overall pick, which they did back in ’06 when they got Mario Williams. Now, they’re at it again! Though I’d imagine most of us feel more strongly about Clowney’s chances at being a badass than Williams’. Williams wasn’t exactly a household name, while I’m pretty sure Clowney was tabbed as the top pick in the 2014 draft back when he was an infant.

Some speculate that they could opt for Buffalo’s Khalil Mack with the top pick, which would cause me to want to drive my car straight into the Pacific Ocean.

But hey. They still need to address the gaping hole at QB.

Round 2, Pick 1: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

So if the Texans are to pass on a QB with the first pick it probably means that they don’t see enough of a gap between the “top rated” passers and the guys they can probably get later on. There’s been lots of talk lately regarding the drop of Teddy Bridgewater, which is kind of absurd considering the last time he played an actual football game we were still talking about how awesome he is. But, whatever. If Bridgwater is here, I’d imagine the Texans would jump all over him.

Unless…(DUN DUN DUN)…another player with a first-round grade happened to drop to 33rd. It happens yearly, so it’s probably happening again tonight. Last year, we had guys like Jonathan Cyprien, Manti Te’o and Zach Ertz all available by the time day two rolled around. In 2012 we had Janoris Jenkins and Andre Branch, etc. You get the idea. I’m just trying to show off my VAST DRAFT RECALL ABILITY.

Notre Dame’s Stephon Tuitt is a candidate to fall here, though the Texans did just take Jadeveon Clowney in this completely fake future-telling scenario that I’m completely making up, so who knows if they’d go DL with both of their top choices.

If Houston is one of the teams that is hesitant on Bridgwater, they could easily wait until round three and perhaps get a guy like Tom Savage, Zach Mettenberger or Jimmy Garoppolo, too.

Round 3, Pick 1: Cyrus Kouandijo, T, Alabama

I’m far from what one would call a “draft expert”. I don’t sit around “watching tape” (AKA 3-minute highlight reels on YouTube), because what’s the point? It’s not like I’m getting paid to analyze hand size or whatever.

So, at this point of our mock, I’m basically looking at positions of needs for the Texans and guys that may be able to fill them. The right side of Houston’s O-line is hot trash, so trying to upgrade with some draft picks would be advisable. Kouandijo is a guy often rumored to be first-round material early on, but his stock seems to have plummeted. He still seems more likely to go in the second round, but as we said before, guys fall annually.

Kouandijo probably projects longterm as a left tackle, but he’d probably start his career on the right side, as they so often do. Duane Brown is more than capably handling the left side, anyway.

Round 4, Pick 1: Rashaad Reynolds, CB, Oregon State

I wouldn’t kick a running back out of bed with this pick (Lache Seastrunk or Tre Mason would be dandy), but the Texans’ secondary was an embarrassment last season and they should probably do something about that. A safety wouldn’t be a bad choice either, with safety Danieal Manning having bolted town for Cincy, but the corners need serious work.

Reynolds is a little small but tries to make up for it with his tackling, which he apparently enjoys. Kinda sounds like Dunta Robinson, which isn’t a bad thing. You know, back when Dunta Robinson was good, I mean.


So there you have it. There’s my semi-educated take on what the Texans should be doing tonight. Of course, I’ll probably be 100% wrong. Cheers!

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