The 2014 Fantasy Football season has finally arrived, as the Seattle Seahawks will host the Green Bay Packers to officially kick the regular season off with the first game of the year. With regular NFL action at out feet, that means you probably have some lineup decisions to sort out before the game actually kicks off.

Thankfully, this is just one game on a Thursday night, so most fantasy football leagues will allow you the rest of the week to decide what you need to finalize. There also aren’t many injuries and we don’t know a whole lot about matchups just yet, so for the most part you need to just play your studs that you drafted to be your starters. Yes, that means throwing caution to the wind and starting Eddie Lacy against Seattle or Giovani Bernard against the Ravens.

It also means few (if any) foolish risks should be taken in the first week. With that, everyone can always use a guideline. I know I’m just one of the many out there with week 1 fantasy player rankings, but I provide notes with most of my rankings and set up my rankings in order of which player I personally would prefer to use over the other. That should give you a general idea as to where I would stand on specific roster questions.

With that, it’s on to week one of the 2014 fantasy football season with my initial player rankings:

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