Not sure what to do in your upcoming 10-team fantasy football league? Naturally, how you prepare for the draft depends on your league settings. Key number one is the league size and where you’re picking. Once you know that, you can formulate your personal bias on players and assign value, while also incorporating ADP. Once you’re all set, you can start mocking to see how the draft might unfold in an ideal setting.

Of course, no mock or live draft is ever the same, so it’s best to prepare as much as possible. To do that, I’m giving our readers a taste of what kind of rosters they can come away with from each spot in a 10-team league. Don’t worry, it’s a lot less work than it appears to be. Thanks to the awesome Draft Simulator by, you can freely mock quickly and easily. Whether your league is 6 teams or 20 teams, standard or PPR or rosters five quarterbacks, this awesome fantasy mock draft tool can help you get ready for your draft.

It does much more than that, but this isn’t just about plugging a cool tool. It’s about putting in the research in case you don’t have time to. Obviously my personal preference for certain players may differ from yours, so take some of these teams with a grain of salt. More importantly, please note that my base fantasy draft strategy is to get top level running backs and wide receivers early, and wait as long as it makes sense on quarterbacks, tight ends, defenses and kickers (always the final round).

Different leagues and different settings certainly can change things up, so we’ll draft from a standard perspective first, and then in another article we’ll do it again from a PPR perspective. The rosters will also be different. The standard league will consist of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1 TE, 1 DEF and 1K, along with 6 bench spots. The PPR league mock will roster 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1Flex, 1 TE, 1K and 1 DEF, as most PPR leagues often do. With that, let’s get to mocking your 10-team draft:

Note: Just click the link to see the final draft results and analysis. You may have to signup for the FREE Draft Wizard to view if you haven’t already.

Standard 10-Team League Mock Results

From the First Pick

Shady McCoy to start, followed by great depth and upside at RB, WR and TE. Solid defense and kicker, two quality quarterbacks. QB is only weak point, but a healthy Cutler makes it a likely strength.

Draft Analyzer rating: The Draft Analyzer breaks down your team’s scoring potential and separates it into three categories: starters, bench and overall. If you draft a deep and balanced team, you have the best chance at evening out over the course of the season and making it to the playoffs. A top 4 finish in a 10 team league means you’re in the playoffs. This team got a projected ranking of 1st overall.

Second Pick

Excellent depth across the board, kicked off with McCoy again. Cam and Witten were key steals, Patterson and Wallace provide necessary WR depth. Ertz and RG3 quality high reward stashes. Good defense and kicker.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

Third Pick

AD got things started, grabbed Luck in late 6th, grabbed Spiller as elite Flex, along with great depth at all positions. Quality defense and kicker.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

Fourth Pick

Could have started out with Megatron but Forte is a top-5 back and is a great start. Trio of Forte, Foster and Spiller is potentially digusting. Duo of Cam and Kaepernick beyond round 9 might be more digusting. Great depth.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

Fifth Pick

Eddie Lacy is a great start and the trio of Lacy, Doug Martin and Toby Gerhart is potentially deadly. Deep and balanced all around. Greene is only pick I don’t love.

Draft Analyzer: 3rd overall

Sixth Pick

I don’t love my top running backs, but this team is still very deep and balanced. If Ellington pans out, this team will be better than it is projected to be.

Draft Analyzer: 7th overall

Seventh Pick

I switched up my draft style a bit in this one (as you may want to, as well). Once you get out of the top six picks, you have to be adaptable to how the draft goes. At this point, the top running backs and Calvin Johnson were all gone. That is a good time to consider taking a chance on Jimmy Graham or an elite quarterback. I still think getting as many top running backs as you can early is the preferred strategy, but this team rounded out pretty well, despite going after TE and QB in the first three rounds.

Draft Analyzer: 4th overall

Eighth Pick

I went back to my running back draft strategy and started with two strong backs in Ball and Murray. I grabbed Rob Gronkowski which had me taking a tight end earlier than I prefer, but ended up rounding out the roster well. My mistake was not getting Gronk a quality backup in case he misses week one. Usually I’ll do that. I’d do the same if I drafted other injury risk tight ends like Jordan Reed or Kyle Rudolph.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

Ninth Pick

Strategy takes a backseat when value is staring you in the face. Aaron Rodgers in round 4 isn’t something I can pass on. This is a very solid team from top to bottom.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

Tenth Pick

It wouldn’t be a mock draft without one shot at Peyton Manning, right? I get this one started with him and Marshawn Lynch, who might be undervalued a bit as a late first or early second round pick. From there I just went off my board and took the best value available. When you’re all the way at 10 and you get back to back picks and wait 20 picks at a time, that’s the best route to take. Due to taking Manning with the first pick, I sacrificed ideal running back depth. I made sure to stock up with five total running backs to give myself outs, but is having Manning really worth shaky RB depth? I personally don’t think so. This is still a strong team, though.

Draft Analyzer: 4th overall

There you have it. No matter the spot, and even if you switch up your strategy on a whim, you can still come away with a deep and balanced fantasy roster if you make the right moves. The Draft Analyzer can’t possibly be the end all, be all for grading teams, but it has to be a good starting point. I had nine projected playoff teams out of these 10, so I’ll take it.

Think these teams are terrible or have draft/player/league specific questions? Hit me up in the comments below or ask me on Twitter @BreakingKevin. Be on the look out for the PPR edition of our 10-Team league mock analysis.

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