Ascend the staircase. Pretty much everyone has been in a fantasy football league with 8-12 teams. Going up to 14 teams is a bit bolder. This league size is still common, but the deeper the league, the harder it gets. It’s only natural, of course, but as the league gets deeper you have to have an even better strategy. That, or you at least need to stick to your guns.

By this point, we need to have the obvious in our back pocket: the quarterback positions is ridiculously deep and we need to use it to our advantage. Running back isn’t, and we need to draft accordingly. I, like anyone else, have my preferred players and players I’m also not high on, so you still have to take my mock draft results with a grain of salt. Then again, if you completely don’t agree with my line of thinking, you probably wouldn’t be here, anyways. Unless this is your first stop. In that case, prepare to be either enlightened or disgusted.

All jokes aside, it’s onto the 14-team league mock draft. To give fantasy owners a good idea on how you can build your roster in 14-team leagues, we’re mocking from every spot. It’s made really easy by FantasyPros’ Mock Draft Simulator tool. It’s also super fast. Like, as in I did all 14 of these drafts in under an hour, fast. You may have to buy it to see the results, so there’s the rub. It’s worth it, though. Without further haste, here are some teams you can piece together from each spot.

A good prelude, of course, is to try to get two quality running backs within your first three picks, and probably five total, overall. Wait on quarterback as long as possible and don’t draft a kicker or defense until the final two rounds. Also, always keep value in mind. That can trump need when it has to. But that’s the point of me doing these mocks and you also doing your own – practice makes perfect. Al Iverson didn’t get it, but Michael Jordan did. Get it? Let’s go:

Note: Everything is standard here. 14 teams, standard roster of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF and 6 Bench spots. Standard scoring and 15 rounds to the draft. Standard snake draft, as well.

Draft 1 – #1 Pick (Results)

Draft 2 – #2 Pick (Results)

Draft 3 – #3 Pick (Results)

Draft 4 – #4 Pick (Results)

Draft 5 – #5 Pick (Results)

Draft 6 – #6 Pick (Results)

Draft 7 – #7 Pick (Results)

Draft 8 – #8 Pick (Results) I purposely went against my draft strategy here. I hate this team.

Draft 9 – #9 Pick (Results)

Draft 10 – #10 Pick (Results)

Draft 11 – #11 Pick (Results)

Draft 12 – #12 Pick (Results)

Draft 13 – #13 Pick (Results)

Draft 14 – #14 Pick (Results)

These teams were all done once with no going back. Some are really good, and some are only decent. The vast majority are projected as playoff teams, though, which is the point of drafting a team that is deep and balanced. But your strategy might be different than mine. So, too, might your view on player and position value. Your league might not be standard, either. For all the difference you may have with these mocks for every 14-team league position, the Mock Draft Simulator can help you figure out the best way to approach your draft for when things go live.

*Photo Credit – Mike Morbeck

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