Gearing up for a 12-man fantasy football leagues? Check that. It’s got PPR? I’ve got you covered. I’ve already gone through 10-team leagues (standard and PPR) and just knocked out my 12-team standard analysis last week. Now it’s time to keep the fantasy motor humming. Just nine days remain between where we’re at now and the start of the 2014 Fantasy Football season.

The “national draft day” (whatever the hell that is) is now a thing of the past, which at the very least means if your fantasy football league hasn’t drafted yet, it surely will be doing so soon. I know that, so I’m here to help you figure out how to make it through your 12-team PPR draft. To do that, I’m showing you that you can build a winning roster from any spot in your draft by using FantasyPros’ awesome Mock Simulator.

It’s a thing of beauty. Kind of like all of these 12-man PPR teams I drafted. Kidding, but hey, click the links and be the judge for yourself. And take my advice or not. Just be sure to prep before you hit the live draft or you might be sorry.

Note: PPR mocks include 3 WR. Always know your own league rosters/settings. Got a special league with questions? Hit me up in the comments below or on Twitter.

12-Team PPR League Results

From the 1st Pick

If you’re new to my analysis or drafting, I do like to go running back heavy and I generally wait on tight ends and quarterbacks as long as it make sense. I also almost always draft defense and kicker in the final two rounds (in that order). However, strategies always need to be adaptable to the situations – especially in PPR leagues. The other big thing I preach is depth and balance. Everyone is going to get some early studs, as we all have picks in the early rounds. Just be sure that your team isn’t just relying on 3-4 guys. Make sure it’s well built in all regards.

For instance, I got Rob Gronkowski early, but protected myself from his risky as balls injury history by nabbing Zach Ertz. That kind of thing. As for the actual final roster, I love Cutler this year, so I won’t hear the negativity there. Ideally I’d have a more promising backup than his real life backup of a year ago. I fought between Ahmad Bradshaw and Dexter McCluster late in this thing, but since Trent Richardson is as sad sacky as they come, I opted to just roll with Bradshaw’s upside. The rest worked out beautifully, as long as one of Sammy Watkins/Kelvin Benjamin pan out as I’m planning.

Aside from the Mock Simulator, the coolest tool FantasyPros has is the Draft Analyzer. It’s probably not 100% accurate every time, but it breaks down your starters and bench to give you an overall projection. From the 1st pick, it gave me a 1st overall grade. I’ll take it.

2nd Pick

This mock sent me down the “running back first” path, and I secured a deadly trio. Despite doing so, I still racked up a great trio of WRs and Jason Witten at TE. My only true weak spot is backup QB if Johnny Manziel never plays, but that’s something I can figure out later in the year. Tre Mason in round 15 is disgusting, especially since the Rams are going to be running and dumping off more than ever with Bradford down again.

Draft Analyzer: 3rd overall

3rd Pick

More depth and balance here, plus some excellent value and steals. Both Nick Foles and Russell Wilson beyond round eight. Spiller late in round four, T-Rich in round nine. Kenny Britt is a potental mammoth steal in round 14 for PPR.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

4th Pick

When you’re starting 3 WR in a PPR it’s pretty important to get 1-2 elite wide receivers and then have good depth behind them. That doesn’t mean you need to sell out the rest of your roster, though. I still got my balance across the board and have four other WRs who can fight out for that WR3 spot.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

5th Pick

I could have gone Forte, but at the 5th spot I think its 50/50 between Megatron and the best RB left on the board. Pairing Megatron with Julio Jones is deadly, and I still got three RBs I really like, along with Woodhead and Ray Rice as awesome depth. Ben Tate is a dynamite Flex play, potentially. Backup QB is my weak spot starting right now, but Locker could be OK in a pinch and I love Manziel’s upside once he starts.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

6th Pick

I really like Eddie Lacy, so he was tough to pass on at the 6th spot. That’s a 50/50 there for going for DT or Jimmy Graham instead, though. I could have waited on TE and gotten a stronger PPR WR2 than D-Jax, but he should be more than fine and it was tough to pass on the targets Jordan Cameron is going to see coming his way. I prefer a better QB2 than Tannehill, but he will do.

Draft Analyzer: 3rd overall

7th Pick

Passed on Lacy and went with DT this time. Like I said, love both beyond pick five and can go either way. Just know that going one way or the other may shift your draft strategy (in that same breath, keeping a flexible strategy is always key). I don’t value Reggie Bush more than C.J. Spiller, but the ADP does in PPR leagues. I took Bush first this time and got Spiller anyways. Keep that line of thinking in mind: your value doesn’t always have to be the value that dictates how you draft. I don’t care if it’s PPR. Frank Gore in round 7 is gross. It’s not like he catches zero balls and has no value, otherwise. Ditto for DeAngelo Williams in round 10. Antonio Gates in round 13 of PPR is also odd. He’s still the starter in San Diego and has way more value than people continue to assume.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

8th Pick

Kind of hard to turn down Peyton Manning in the third round of any draft, so I rolled with it. That did throw a wrench in my running back plans a bit, but my depth and shots on two rookies made up for it. My WR3 could be stronger, but my WR bench depth is fantastic and should make up for it.

Draft Analyzer: 3rd overall

9th Pick

Not sure how A.J. Green falls into the second round of any PPR draft, but if he does I’m taking him like I did here. He teams with Dez to give me a formidable WR group. Like Peyton before, I couldn’t pass on Rodgers in round 4. I initially resisted the temptation to secure Spiller, but once there in round four I couldn’t look past him. That’s the kind of value you have to take advantage of if you see it. Trent Richardson seems like a sack, but he has a huge role for now and I got him in the 8th round. That’s insane.

Draft Analyzer: 4th overall

10th Pick

This is where it gets dicey for fantasy owners, as most of the stud RBs and top stud WRs are gone. But when Eddie Lacy falls to you at this spot, you pull the trigger. Again with A.J. Green in round two. I’ll take him there all day. I think Eric Decker as a WR3 is highway robbery. Frank Gore continues to be undervalued in PPR (and in general). Colin Kaepernick is better than round 12. Martellus Bennett is a nice insurance pick in case Zach Ertz doesn’t work out, although I think he will.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

11th Pick

Demarco Murray is going to catch a ton of passes, so though I’m OK with securing that second elite WR with Green, I saw him at a greater value in the second round of a PPR league. There were a couple picks I’d like to have back in this one, but overall I ended up satisfied with the depth and balance.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

12th Pick

I like Toby Gerhart more than most, so that may throw some off in my drafts. He’s a good receiving back, though, and a feature back, so he has a lot of value in PPR formats. My only real weak area is QB if you’re worried about Romo’s back. I’m not, but Tannehill isn’t the worst QB2 in the world.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

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