Taking on the daunting 12-team fantasy football league this year? True, it’s only actually daunting if you never did one or haven’t prepared at all. But that’s why I’m writing this fantasy football advice column – to help you nail your draft.

First thing’s first – always remember to check your league settings. From roster to scoring, know your league and it will help you prepare for your draft. Then study up on some ADP (average draft position) to gauge player and position value for yourself. Lastly, figure out your exact draft pick and use your league settings to mock your draft.

The best way is to use the Draft Simulator by FantasyPros, which we’ll showcase right now be showing you how you can build a winning team from any spot in a 12-team league. It’s not always going to be easy, but if you mix together the right combination of studs, depth and balance, anyone can emerge victorious.

Being victorious ultimately has to mean just getting to the playoffs, and once there, the rest is really up to you. But if you follow our draft advice and track us year round for weekly tips, you should get there. For this first look at every spot in 12-team leagues, we’ll keep it standard. Rosters and scoring will all be run of the mill and we’ll save 3 WR lineups for our look at 12-team PPR draft advice a little later.

With that, let’s get this mock party started:

Note: I’ll provide brief analysis on each mock from each spot, but you can click the links to catch it all for yourself. If you haven’t signed up or the Draft Wizard yet, you may have to in order to see the results.

12-Team Standard League Mock Draft Results

From the 1st Pick

I went RB, WR and TE with my first three picks with the plan on attacking quarterback, defense and kicker late. That gave me the ability to grab the best RBs and WRs that were on the board for a few rounds. That’s where the depth and balance comes in, and that’s made possible thanks to such a deep quarterback position.

A top-6 finish warrants a playoff spot in most 12-team leagues and I came away with a deep and balanced team. I actually hate drafting from this spot, but the Draft Wizard approved of my final roster.

Draft Wizard grade/rank: 2nd overall

2nd Pick

I went back to my usual running back strategy here, securing three quality backs with feature roles in my first four picks. I also landed Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Cameron as studs at WR and TE and added depth behind RB and WR (5 of each, in all). I don’t hear the argument that Cam Newton is a bust this year. I got the dude in the 7th round of a 12-team mock. I love that, and I also love Colin Kaepernick three rounds later in round 10.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

3rd Pick

I love Adrian Peterson at third overall and really have him as my #1 RB in general, so he’s a great way to start this mock. Andre Ellington is an insanely high upside RB2, while Lamar Miller and Darren McFadden can filter in and out of the Flex spot with Eric Decker. Tom Brady is still a QB1 and the fact that I can get him near the end of round six in a 12-teamer is gross. Tony Romo in round 10 as my backup is killer, too. I even took a stab at some high upside guys like Justin Hunter and Jonathan Grimes who could really pay off.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

4th Pick

I prefer Matt Forte at the four spot over Calvin Johnson. He’s just a dream to own in this Marc Trestman offense. I ran into Alshon Jeffery as my WR1 for the third time in a row and I’m cool with that. Went for a splash with C-Patt. I know he has some risk but I see monster upside and love him as a WR2 to start the year. Took another risk with Zach Ertz as my true TE1. I think he’ll hit that value, though. Shored up my depth at RB and WR with some high upside late round picks. Again, depth and balance is the real key here. Everyone gets potential elites early in drafts. Make sure your roster is well rounded with proven players and a few risks, but most of all have all of your bases covered.

I took a few more risks than I normally do in this one, so my rating wasn’t as good as I’d like.

Draft Analyzer: 5th overall

5th Pick

I’m a Doug Martin backer – not as an elite RB1 – but a full-fledged undervalued RB2. If he’s my RB2, I’m golden. I don’t believe in Trent Richardson, but I’ll take a shot on him beyond round five. If he’s going into my Flex spot, I can feel OK about using him. I’m just sure to get 2 more backs that can hopefully spell his sorry ass if need be. Carlos Hyde is a high upside guy that can help do that, but Ahmad Bradshaw as a handcuff is probably the ideal pick to backup T-Rich. Philip Rivers is an amazing QB2 and excellent insurance behind Cam (although I’m not at all concerned about him). Taking a stab at two talented rookies to end my bench run like I did with Kelvin Benjamin and Mike Evans is always a good idea.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

6th Pick

This is my first “I’m definitely picking Calvin Johnson” spot. I’ll consider it starting at the four spot, but I value running backs and like Forte and Lacy too much to do it usually. Megatron is fun to have, though, so he’s a good way to get this mock from the 6th spot rolling. I switched up my strategy here and started with two WRs back to back, teaming Brandon Marshall with CJ. Then I went and got C.J. Spiller and Frank Gore to solidify my starting running backs. Those probably aren’t necessarily the most ideal pair to roll with at RB, but I personally am high on Spiller this year and Gore is actually a rock solid RB2. I’m finding it easy to stumble upon Jordan Cameron and thanks to his TD potential, I like to take him before I get my third RB or a third WR.

Draft Analyzer: 5th overall

7th Pick

This is a team with really no holes, from top to bottom. Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick are a fantastic QB pairing, Cameron is an elite TE1 and the depth at RB and WR is ideal. Some may not love Spiller and don’t trust Cutler or Kaep, but all picks should return adequate to amazing value.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

8th Pick

I don’t love starting my draft with Montee Ball, but I prefer him or another running back over Jimmy Graham to get things going. He clearly has the upside, but the name doesn’t have the appeal, admittedly. Still, he teams up with Toby Gerhart for a nice 1-2 punch. I would like a better Flex play than Woodhead, but I couldn’t pass on Andrew Luck and Cameron. The value was good and I didn’t love the RBs there at the time. I wrapped up the draft with solid depth all around, but would prefer a better QB2 than Palmer and don’t have much use for James White.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

9th Pick

More depth and balance. PREACH. But really, it’s a strong starting lineup with quality depth behind it. I would have preferred a good RB to fall to me for my Flex spot, but I love C-Patt’s upside. I’ll rotate him in and out of there with Woodhead and maybe even McFadden. I wanted Romo to fall one more spot for my QB2 (I like him and Cutler fairly evenly), but Big Ben will do for that role.

Draft Analyzer: 2nd overall

10th Pick

Three running backs in the first four picks is a pretty good strategy from any spot, but it really works well the deeper your pick goes, as it’s also more crucial. I got my RBs early and was able to get terrific value at QB, TE and my WR2. Solid depth and balance again, with nice upside adds in Mike Evans and Emmanuel Sanders. I’m not excited about Bradford as my QB2, but I’m high on Brady so I’m not overly concerned.

Draft Anayzer: 3rd overall

11th Pick

I’m feeling comfortable with Zach Ertz as a TE1 if you want to wait late in the draft. You can grab a backup like Travis Kelce or Tyler Eifert, too, but I’m cool with rolling the dice there. The rest of this roster is majorly balanced across the board. Not many holes here, if any.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

12th Pick

This is another team that shows my willingness to wait on quarterback (nabbed Brady and Cutler late) and tight end (got Reed and Ertz). Waiting on those positions allowed me to get four legit RBs that can start, as well as three wide receivers that can be used on a regular basis. Justin Hunter is an excellent snag late in this mock, as well.

Draft Analyzer: 1st overall

Using the value projections of quarterbacks and tight ends (while also waiting on defense and kicker), the above mocks are proof you can effectively maneuver through a 12-team league from any spot and build an effective roster. You just have to know who and what to look for, and be prepared to switch up your strategy to act on value when it’s starting you in the face.

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