There is a lot of hype for the upcoming season surrounding the Chicago Bears. After a disappointing 8-8 campaign last year, the Bears showed hope and promise under their rookie head coach Marc Trestman and the brightest spot had to be how running back Matt Forte flourished in this offense.

Forte is a very versatile and dynamic player. I wouldn’t say he’s “great” at any aspect of the RB position, but that he does everything extremely well. There’s no great spot but there’s no bad spot either. He’s just a solid player all around. It’s like having B’s and B+’s in every subject on a report card.

Last year, Forte had 289 carries for 1,339 yards and 9 TD’s along with 74 receptions for 594 yards and 3 TD’s. That’s a solid year by NFL and fantasy football standards. In fact, it was good for 3rd place overall in the fantasy realm.

He was undoubtedly the focal point of the Bears’ offense. He gets a ton of touches and opportunities which, from a fantasy standpoint, is really all you can ask for….touches and more touches. Trestman is an offensive guru and will find creative ways to get Forte the ball and maximize his ability. There’s no reason to think that Forte shouldn’t duplicate, if not exceed, his numbers from last year. And remember, there’s no Michael Bush this year to vulture red zone touches and TD’s.

The only drawback to Forte is his quarterback is Jay Cutler and the fact that he doesn’t always make the best decisions. Cutler is the poster-child for inconsistency and it’s his decisions (turnovers and bad audibles) that slow Forte down. I’m willing to give Cutler somewhat of a pass last season because it was a new offense but I’d fully expect Cutler to have a really nice year, which in turn, should mean that Forte should have a monster year.

Forte has an average draft position of fourth overall in the first round, being taken behind Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson. Just about all mock drafts have looked like this in the top 4 picks with variations. At the end of the season, the overall stats should justify these four players at the top of the RB’s.

Personally, I think Forte will have a better year than Peterson and Charles, but I don’t think he passes McCoy in overall fantasy points. I like Forte to have his best statistical season of his career. My projection for Forte would be 300 carries for 1,450 yards and 10 TD’s with 85 receptions for 680 yards and 6 TD’s. If you look at the Bears’ schedule it looks pretty good for Forte. He should shine the most in Marc Trestman’s offense and lead the Bears into the playoffs. But best of all, he’ll once again be an elite RB1 for your fantasy football squad if you draft him.



About The Author Terrence Kirker

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