Here we go again. The days are inching to July and all I can do is mock fantasy football drafts. Not really, actually. With FantasyPros’ sweet Mock Simulator, mocking your exact draft from your exact spot is quick and easy.

It’s actually fun, too, which is why I take a little time to run through specific mocks to help fantasy owners out during the summer. We’re keeping it standard to get things started this year and have already gone through an 8-team mock and a 10-team mock. It’s on to the 12-team set up with the basic roster settings of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1K and 1DEF.

I take the final pick in a 12-team snake draft and try to form the best roster possible. You be the judge if I accomplished that:

QB: Colin Kaepernick (7), Johnny Manziel (12)

RB: Arian Foster (2), Andre Ellington (3), Joique Bell (6), Lamar Miller (8)

WR: A.J. Green (1), T.Y. Hilton (5), Terrance Williams (9), Rueben Randle (11), James Jones (13)

TE: Martellus Bennett (10)

FLEX: Toby Gerhart (4)

K: Sebastian Janikowski (15)

DEF: New England Patriots (14)


My strategy rarely changes if I can help it. I value running backs the most, so I aim to get two out of my first three picks, while trying to get 4-5 of both running backs and wide receivers. As long as I can get a solid tight end in the right spot, I only draft one, while waiting until the final two rounds on defense and kicker. Quarterback is extremely deep, so you can wait a while on a fantasy passer. You can probably wait until the 10th round sometimes in 10-team leagues, but in 12-team leagues you’ll probably want to get one before the end of round eight usually.

I met all my criteria here, as I got a true stud at QB, RB and WR, while my TE and Flex are rock solid on paper. The depth is there across the board (I am a Manziel believer, so sue me), as well as the upside.

If Lamar Miller is your worst running back, you’re probably doing okay there. I’m not enamored with either Rueben Randle or James Jones, but you could probably do worse. Ideally I land a tight end a round earlier, but the flow of the draft often dictates switching things up, so I landed with Bennett this time.

I feel comfortable with this team, but it’s also not the best 12-team mock I’ve had. With that said, the Draft Analyzer ranked me 3rd out of 12 teams overall and gave my bench a #1 score. I’ll take it.

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